Actress/Model Bar Paly, who is currently dating boyfriend Ian Kessmer, might finally be in the lime light

August 9, 2015
First Published On: August 9, 2015
by HitBerry

Even though she may be a beauty, Bar Paly is not amongst the most popular of celebrities. Actually, she was in such state back in 2013 that Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” did not even recognize Paly. And Paly had starred in the same movie with the wrestler-turned actor. How might have that felt!

She may not have been a household name back then but her days of not being popular may just be coming to an end.

Born in the Ural Mountains (Yes, she was born in Russia), Paly moved to Israel at the mere age of 7. Always admired for her looks, she then went on to feature as a model and started her first modeling project when she was 17. After achieving fame in the modeling industry, she then started her career as an actress back in 2003.

She appeared in a variety of roles, in both movies and films such as How I Met Your Mother, The Starter Wife, and the horror film The Ruins. She was also part of Roman Coppola’s A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, which featured the likes of actors such as Charlie Sheen, Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray. With Dwayne Johnson, she featured in Michael Bay’s Pain & Gain, which also included actor Mark Wahlberg. This was followed by appearances in the thriller movie Non-Stop, and also featured in Craig Gillespie's Million Dollar Arm, which gained great reviews.

Asked why she had moved to Israel in an interview, she recalls facing some problems in her country.

"We had different problems over there. People mature a little younger."

She also says she wanted to be an actress since the very beginning.

"My mother recently told me that ever since I was three, I always said I wanted to be an actress. I was fortunate enough to model, but it was always work for me. It was a way to support myself and finance my acting classes."

As for her personal life, the hot actress is married to Hollywood director Ian Kessmer. Insiders believe that the two met through links on movie set and it is believed that the two had an instant liking with each other. After dating for some time, Paly finally married her director boyfriend.

Kessner was born in Montreal, Canada and like his wife, moved to New York after he completed his graduation in Cinema Studies from the University of Western Ontario. His first direction was Gone Fish after he spent some time at a summer camp. The director currently has a many movies to his name. Some of his famous movies include The Puzzle, The Pedestrain and Lost After Dark.

With constant snaps on Instagram and Twitter, the couple definitely seems very happy together. A baby may just be on the cards.