Actress/ Model Anna Passey likes to mess with new Hollyoaks costar Ben Richards, who plays her boyfriend on the show

July 26, 2015
First Published On: July 26, 2015
by HitBerry

Anne Passey, who plays Sienna Blake in the Channel 4 soap, Hollyoaks, says she likes to mess with Ben Richards, her new boyfriend on the show. She likes to talk about her character’s evil and manipulative ways with him. She said she had a great fun in doing so because he did not watch the soap before and he did not know the ins and outs of the past storylines.

Ben Richards, a newcomer on the show reveals his character as a nice guy with a huge secret. He plays a cop on the show, who mentors Jason Roscoe and becomes the love interest for Sienna Blake. The pairing of Ben and Sienna will be very interesting on the show. Viewers will have a chance to see whether or not Ben will be a good influence on the cold, manipulative and cynical Sienna Blake.

Richards plays the role of a nice, lovely and ordinary guy. He has got a bit of a hero complex. If he finds that someone’s broken and needs fixing, he’ll step up and help. He is a helpful bloke. Jason Roscoe is his colleague who looks up to Ben. He wants to be the same kind of policeman as Ben and considers him a role model.

Richards had just started filming when his partner, Kristy Duffy gave birth to their first child, Freja Amelie. After battling from cancer, the actor said in an interview, he is quite blessed to have a daughter and that he would do everything for her.

Passey plays the role of Sienna Blake who is beautiful, clever and calculating. The character often keeps secrets from those around her. She first entered the village with her father, Patrick who is very controlling. She then stays on and forms a bond with her twin brother, Dodger. Sienna is a troubled girl with serious insecurities who conceals her cold, cynical and manipulative behavior underneath a warm exterior.

Apart from Hollyoaks, this hot diva has also appeared in a number of movies like Keys, Landscape of lies, Saint Dracula 3D and the smoke. She has won the British Soap Awards for the Villain of the Year.

Passey, age 30 and her co star boyfriend Nick Rhys made their relationship public on 2015. Passey is very active in the social media. She keeps in touch with her fans through Twitter and Instagram and has over 132k followers on Twitter and 69.7k fans on instagram at this time.

Upon the arrival of Richards, we can expect a lot of interesting twists and turns on the show. It would be interesting to see how his character would influence Sienna and how he becomes a mentor to Jason Roscoe. We are sure the show will continue to be thrilling and entertaining.