Actress Meta Golding, age 43, opens up about her boyfriend and the possibility of getting married

HitBerryPublished on   01 Oct, 2015Updated on   12 May, 2021

Meta Golding hasn’t lost even a fraction of her beauty. Even after reaching the age of forty three, her looks can out match any woman. Meta, despite her ravishing beauty and having a number of suitors in her life so far, has failed to settle down and start a family. She has mentioned that the main reason behind her being single was her devotion and sacrifice for her acting career.

Meta, however, has been dating her present boyfriend for quite some time now. The couple is a very outgoing and adventurous one. They have been seen frequently going for yoga session and even surfing on the west coast. Meta was introduced to the sport of surfing by her boyfriend a few years back and she has said she fell in love with the sport instantly.”The thrill, the speed and the feeling you get from those high waves that come crashing down on you is what drives me “says Meta.

Meta who has been in a live-in relationship with her boyfriend since 2009, currently resides in California. She and her boyfriend have an estate overlooking the Pacific. They actress has just got back from filming the upcoming Hunger games movie, which she is excited about. She has been promoting the movie throughout the west coast.

Meta and her boyfriend are also known to host excellent brunches among her friends and co-stars, a Sunday brunch at Meta’s is an invite everybody anticipates. The couple work as a team, with her boyfriend preparing the barbecue while she makes the salad and homemade bread. Oscar nominee J.K Simmons is a frequent guest at her house for many of her brunches.

Meta and her boyfriend are a reclusive couple and are known to be very camera shy. They have hardly been captured on photographs. The pair have been keeping their relationship very private and entertain only a few friends and family. Sources claim that Meta and her mysterious boyfriend have expressed hopes of getting married in the very near future.

Meta, apart from her personal life, has had a successful professional career. She has starred in a number of TV shows over the years, a few of which include Criminal Minds, Dark Blue, Day Break and Body of Proof.

Her movie career has an even more impressive list, with her starring in major Hollywood productions, like Surrogates, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part 2.

Meta is not much of social net worker and seldom uses sites like Twitter or Instagram. However, for those who want to get an even better insight into her life, they can follow her @metagolding on Twitter and as meta2meta on Instagram.