Actress Maura West is not quitting "General Hospital", false rumors started after the mother of 6 kids posted on Twitter

July 8, 2015
First Published On: July 8, 2015
by HitBerry

Ever since there were reports that Maura West, who portrays Ava Jerome, would leave the series General Hospital, fans were in for a real shocker. Thousands of fans voiced their disappointment and many went on to predict the storyline. But, the recent statement that Maura would not quit the show squashed any alleged rumors. Having won a Daytime Emmy for her role as Ava Jerome in the series, the actress remains a popular and much loved character of the show.

Now at the age of 43, the actress has six children from two different marriages. The hot actress initially was married to Jonathan Knight in 1995. Knight is an American singer and part of the boy band New Kids on the Block. The two gave birth to son Benjamin Knight only to be divorced in 1999.

The actress is currently married to husband Scott DeFreitas whom she met at the sets of her previous series As The World Turns. The two married back in 2000 and it seems like they are going strong. Scott, who was popular for his role as Andrew "Andy" Dixon  on the American television soap opera, As the World Turns, reportedly proposed Maura by asking the question on the stats displaying screen at the Yankees stadium. The two have five children altogether, namely Joseph Peter, Katherine Marie West, Basil John, Joe West and Birdie West. While most of them have yet to come in the limelight of the paparazzi, teenager Joe West has appeared in NBC’s “The Sound of Music”. He also headlined sleepless in Seattle: The Musical Night.

The actress constantly takes to Twitter and Instagram to interact with her fans. Her Instagram is usually filled with pictures of her children whereas her twitter is full of home-activities. From congratulating the USA team to expressing her reaction to series such as Game of Thrones, she seems to make the best use of this social networking site. However, she was in headlines after fans misunderstood an ambiguous post she made.

On March, she posted ,“Most excellent GH fans: Thanks for watching with me, hanging out and playing. Let’s do it again some day! Much love, Maura”

As soon as she posted this news, fans were busy asking why she was quitting the show and many rumors circulated. People started asking the show producers the reasons and many were left in shock. However, the misunderstanding was cleared after it was reported that Maura West had tweeted this post after ending a live chat session with her fans.

Now that it has been clear that Maura is continuing her role as cancer-stricken mob heiress Ava Jerome, fans of General Hospital can expect to see the three time “Daytime Emmy Awards” winner back in the show.