Actress Marina Squerciati and boyfriend Patrick John Flueger getting married??

January 27, 2016
First Published On: January 27, 2016
by HitBerry

Marina Squerciati and married!! No not yet.

Rumors have been going around that actress Marina Squerciati and her boyfriend Patrick John Flueger might be planning to get married. Is it true?? Let’s find out…

Our sources reveal that she and her current boyfriend are so deeply in love, they probably are planning to get married someday. But our sources have no information as to if they have officially decided to get married. So who knows what is going to happen?

‘Alter egos’ and ‘It’s complicated’ star Marina Squerciati and her boyfriend Patrick John Flueger met on the sets of Chicago P.D. This was in 2014. After 2 years, the rumors of those two getting married are sparking up.

Whether these two are actually dating or not has not yet been officially confirmed by either of the stars. But looking at them, it is highly unlikely that they are not together.

Marina has dated few people in the past and made the headlines. But there is no news to her getting married to anyone ever. She is sort of a private person and has not disclosed much about her personal life to the media.

Recently, Marina has revealed what she wants in her potential husband. According to her, he must be caring, supporting and good looking. Similarly, she wants to be with this person for at least a few years before she decides whether or not he is the one.  We don’t know what a few years mean for her, but it seems like she found these all trait in her boyfriend and co-worker Patrick Flueger.

There is no news or evidence of Marina Squerciati ever getting married or divorced. So we are going to assume that she is not married yet. Although, it does seem that she sees Patrick John Flueger as husband material.

It has been 2 years since they started dating and their relationship is still running. 31 years of age, she may have been planning to settle down with this man.

Marina Squerciati had keen interest in acting even since she was a kid. Aspiring to become an actor, she started her career off in a theatre. Now, this stunning actress is a regular on American television series ‘Chicago P.D’ playing the role of Officer Kim Burgess. We also know her from various movies. Her flawless acting has made her a fan favorite and she is gaining popularity quickly.

There is no doubt that Marina Squerciati is one of the most beautiful actress around. Standing at the height of 5 feet 7 inches, she looks astounding on screen and off. If look could kill, her certainly would. Her body measurements are near to perfection and she has looks great on bikini or in a dress.

She is also popular on Instagram and on Twitter and has a lot of followers. She has a cheerful personality too.  

Her net worth is also something that has not yet been explicitly revealed. But based on her performance one can only assume that she earns a reasonably handsome salary.