Actress Margo Martindale shocked after her Emmy nominatin for her acting, looking at movie roles

December 8, 2015
First Published On: December 8, 2015
by HitBerry

Margo Martindale is certainly not limiting herself to just two Emmy wins. Just after winning a nomination for Primetime Emmy for her guest role in The Americans, the actress has hinted that she wants to work harder than ever in order to earn even more nominations and maybe even a win in next year’s Emmy.

The actress admitted to being shocked and surprised when she heard about her nomination. She expressed her happiness by saying, “There are so many people who are more talented than me and have worked harder than me. But my nomination is not anything less than deserved. I feel honored to be selected among such talented pool of actors.”

The actress had only a small air time in ‘The American’. But the excellent acting skills that the actress had shown in the short time seem to have impressed the selectors at the Emmy awards.  The American actress was the actress with the shortest airtime to win the nomination.

 “I know that I'll be back and more. I loved working with Frank Langella .It was fun, but it was short”, she said.  The statement seems to hints that the actress will be making her appearance on the silver screen more frequent. She has also expressed her wish to work even harder in the remainder of her career in many of her former interviews. It can be concluded that the actress will appear in many more movies and TV series in the years to come.

 “I feel young, but you can play so many roles before you are not able to do it anymore” The actress said in her interview. The actress is 64 years of age at the moment. The actress has also reportedly stated that she prefers movie roles to roles in TV series.  The actress has already made appearance in an excess of 90 movies.  From the look of things, it seems that her fans will see plenty of her in days to come.

Martindale has been married to musician Bill Boals since 1986. She has already spent 28 years of her life with her husband. Judging from her outing with her husband, her marriage is definitely a successful one. She also has a daughter named Margaret with Boals.

To her fans’ disappointment, Martindale seems to have decided to stay off social networking sites in the internet. She doesn’t have a Twitter account and she doesn’t use Instagram either.  

Martindale is well known for her role in the 1994 hit ‘The Rocketeer’ and her appearance in ‘Twilight’ as ‘Gloria Lamar.’  She has made appearance in several TV series, the most popular of which are ‘Mike and Molley’, ‘Win Win’, and ‘The Americans’. She has won two Prime Time Emmys and several nominations for different prestigious awards during her acting career.