Actress Mallory Jansen, age 26, shares what important qualities she looks for in a boyfriend while dating

January 14, 2016
First Published On: January 14, 2016
by HitBerry

Australian actress Mallory Jansen has shared the qualities she looks for in a man while dating. The young adult, at the age of 25, has highlighted the qualities that a man must have in order to be her beau.

The television actress has finally spoken out. Our sources report that she intends to marry a man not for his wealth and property, but for his heart. The actress has said that, like every other teenage girl, she dreamt of a tall, blue eyed prince charming. But now, has updated her fairy tale and is now looking for a boyfriend who is a gentleman.

According to sources, she doesn’t want her future husband to be rich and have six packs and big muscles. Instead, she wants to be married to a man with a heart of gold, a man who understands her, supports her in her choices and, first and foremost, loves her.

In a recent interview, she allegedly said that she has been seeing a man from her home country. But the identity of her latest rumored boyfriend is still a mystery to us. Though she has let out that she is not dating, just that they have been hanging out a lot for the past couple of days and, according to sources, have also gone in a holiday together.

She currently co stars as Madalena in the American Broadcasting Company series called the Galavant. The young beautiful Australian first moved to America as a model and began her career in the industry as a model.

Although she has starred in only two movies as of now, the talented actress is hoping to increase the numbers. The former model got her first acting role in ABC family sitcoms Baby Daddy and Young and Hungry.

Mallory first moved to New York, where she studied Drama till 2012. She was coached by some of the world’s best acting, accent, analysis, method film teachers at some of the globes most renowned schools such as Stella Adler and T. Schreiber Studio.

Mallory then moved back to Australia, when she got her small hit Australian movie Howzat! She was making a name for herself in the industry and ABC was aware. When a script came up, they were sure to get her signature.

Mallory has modeled for small Australian companies, but never made it as a model. But it doesn’t matter as much now since she has done a lot of TV shows and a few movies.

The young and upcoming former model and Actress is certainly getting in the forefront of showbiz. However, despite her glowing skin and impressive resume, she is estimated to have a net worth of only $5 million dollars.