Actress Madison Lintz, age 16, talks about what she looks for in a boyfriend while dating

There are moments in life when you are so envious of others, whether it is because of their looks or the money they make or the success they have achieved. And writing about Madison Lintz fits this bill. It is not exactly jealousy that we feel, but the fact that a child, aged 16, earns more than us, is popular and most probably has earned more than what we will in a decade or so, does hurt.

As mentioned earlier, she is still 16. That is, officially she is a minor and can actually not go to a pub and have a drink. Such irony! Here we are, qualified to drink but lack the money to enjoy a night out at a pub. And there is a minor, who most probably will turn into a super star in the coming years and well, is rich.

Yep, today, we look at the youngster Madison Lintz, who plays the role of Sophia Peletier in the show The Walking Dead. Such a dark intense series! And if you have not watched it, add it into the list of your shows to watch.

Madison, who has a height of 5 feet 4 inches, started out acting in commercials. By the grace of luck and hard work, she was offered the role in the Walking Dead series. She appeared for the first two seasons and then went on to star in other great series like Nashville and  Supernatural. And did I mention she is young?

Since Madison is a teenager, wanting a boyfriend is nothing shocking. And since she is a star, not having one would definitely be a shock. Many of us are eager to find out who Madison’s boyfriend is. We do not know the name yet. Probably because it’s just  a random guy who will dump or be dumped in a matter of months. Madison will most likely hook up with many others before she finds the person she might marry. Anyways, since, I repeat, she is still 16, there is plenty of time to indulge in these stuffs. So, whoever her boyfriend is, it really does not matter right now.

Now, for those who might have a crush on Madison, it is important to know what she likes in her partner. Bad personality and body odor are definitely not on the check list. She also likes a guy who is funny and has a good sense of humor. Well, it’s almost as if every girl wants the same kind of qualities in their counterpart.

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