Actress Lola Glaudini and husband, Stuart England love being parents to their two sons. More kids on the way??

HitBerryPublished on   01 Oct, 2015Updated on   12 May, 2021

 Actress Lola Glaudini, who is married to her husband, Stuart England is loving motherhood and the couple are enjoying being parents to their two sons, so much so that they are thinking of having more kids.

While some celebrity actresses fear having kids, actress Lola Glaudini is enjoying her motherhood. The mother of two is over the moon with her beloved husband Stuart England and her two baby sons. And rumor has it that she is getting ready for more.

A source has come forth to inform us that the Criminal Minds star is planning to have more kids with her husband England. It revealed that actress was enjoying her motherhood so much that she wanted to have several more babies of her own.

“She is pretty serious about having a few more darlings in her family. She is eager to expand her family of four very soon. In fact, Lola is thinking of having at least two daughters more to make things even,” said the source.

“She already has two sons, but she wants to have at least one daughter. She has always been fond of girls and she had wanted her first child to be a girl as well.

“But that does not mean that she does not love her boys,” the insider quickly defended the former Sopranos actress. “She is absolutely in love with those two little angels. They are so mischievous that she loves watching them fight with each other and break things and sometimes she joins them too,” the source laughed as it said this.

It added that though the couple was happy to have their two healthy and angelic babies, their family lacked something. “Lola always says to Stuart, ‘we need a daughter in this house’. She really believes that their sons need a change of environment. Lola thinks that if she conceives a girl or even boy, then her two elder sons would have something new to look forward to in their family. And now that she is free she would love to give it a try,” the informant explained.

And looking at her now, it all makes sense because the talented actress is usually seen enjoying her time with her husband and children. She has not been seen in any TV show recently so she has enough free time to plan for another baby.

Glaudini, who had a heightening career in television, was last seen as a guest artist in ABC’s critically acclaimed soap opera Revenge last year. Year 2015 has not been very fruitful for this beautiful actress aged 43. She has been away from the media limelight for almost a year and according to the insider, the reason behind the actress’ inactivity is her family and kids.

“Lola wants to focus on her family and want to spend a few years raising her two sons,” revealed the source. It also added that the parents of two are indeed thinking of expanding their sweet little family.

So we wish her all the very best for her future.