Actress LisaRaye McCoy: Divorced Twice, is she Planning for the Third Marriage?

January 22, 2017
First published on:January 22, 2017
by HitBerry

Everyone must be familiar with an American actress, fashion designer, businesswoman, and model LisaRaye McCoy, I guess. She has also been in the headline for her relationship ups and downs.

Now, the beautiful actress is again ready to marry for the third time and ready for a perfect family life. Even though she is blessed with a baby girl, she has not got a chance to experience a happily married family life with children. Know more about her planning on marrying for the third time.

Is LisaRaye McCoy planning for third marriage?

We all are very much clear about the fact that LisaRaye has been married twice. Don't know what went wrong but both her marital life lasted for only two years. What people generally do after getting the divorce? Girls generally remain single but this is the just right opposite for LisaRaye, after her divorce with her first husband, she was involved in four relationships, one marital and three just relationships.

LisaRaye McCoy

LisaRaye McCoy

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LisaRaye was rumored to be dating American activist Al Sharpton but the exact date hasn't been revealed yet. Right after that, she was also involved dating American boxer in the year 1997 but the relationship didn't work well thus got separated. After her second divorce, she was involved in a relationship with American model Datari Turner who was like 13 years younger than her.

LisaRaye McCoy with Al Sharpton

LisaRaye McCoy with Al Sharpton

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Speaking of the present time, LisaRaye is currently single. But while interviewed, she said that she is now almost ready to get married. She furthermore adds that she is now searching for a perfect guy to spend the rest of her life with.

Actress LisaRaye McCoy divorced twice?

Yes, this is true. Lisaraye was married twice and also divorced twice. Going through her personal information, LisaRaye was first married to Tony Martin in the year 1992. No any information regarding their marital life has ever been posted in the media. But the couple got some serious problems thus got separated right after marrying for two years. The couple got divorced in the year 1994.

Just after 12 long years of divorce with the first husband, she was then married to Michael Misick on April of 2006. Their marriage was taken to be one of the best marriages in the town. There were around 300 guests taking part in the wedding ceremony. The couple also spent their honeymoon in various beautiful places like Dubai, Jerusalem, and Bali. But, sadly the marriage lasted for only two years and thus the couple got divorced in 2008.

LisaRaye McCoy with her ex- husband Michael Misick

LisaRaye McCoy with her ex- husband Michael Misick

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