Actress Lin Chi-ling, who is still unmarried at 41 with no boyfriend, was involved in a prostitution scandal

December 18, 2015
First Published On: December 18, 2015
by HitBerry

Sexy actress Lin Chi-ling, who is still unmarried at 41, is rumored to be involved in Taiwan’s biggest celebrity prostitution scandal of all time.

The hot model and actress, who is of Taiwanese nationality, is often dubbed the most talented and bankable star of Taiwan. But she has recently been the victim of a so called ‘celebrity prostitution scandal’. But the question we have all been asking ourselves is, is she really just a victim or was she part of the whole vice ring?

The Prostitution rumors that surfaced in October this year, has been creating a lot of buzz in the Taiwanese movie industry. And along with the revelation of this scandal, the Asian country has become the center of world’s attention all of a sudden. Many of the country’s popular stars and celebrities have been accused of being involved in the scandal. And one of the top names in the list is superstar, model and actress Lin Chi-ling. Lin, however, has been denying her involvement in the whole process.

Virginia Dai, who is supposedly the ring master of the whole vice ring, revealed that the she had organized several dinners between Chi-ling and her clients. According to her, the highest paid actress in Taiwan worked as her puppet. She was used by Dai’s high profile clients for sex and more.

The scandal surfaced in late October after Dai revealed that Johanne Liou and several other had been organizing aspiring models and small-time actresses and even a few A-list actresses and sending them abroad in the company of their male clients. It was revealed that actresses, who refused to have sex with the clients, were threatened in such a way that they agreed to whatever they were ordered to do.

While the scandal is being taken seriously by the whole wide world, Next Magazine published the initials of some stars who were reportedly involved in the prostitution ring. This led to a guessing game in the vice ring, which is being investigated by the Taiwanese and American police. Out of four initials mentioned, one was “Miss L”, whom the magazine described as a ‘top model with numerous commercials and movies to her credit’. This description pointed to only one person, Lin chi-Ling. She has worked in several block buster movies like “Red Cliff” and “Monk Comes Down the Mountain”.

Lin along with three other anonymous A-list celebrities were said to have charged $60,000 or more for sexual services.

According to The Straits Times, the so called ring was being run by Tai Chun-yi. Two secret sources revealed that Yi used to boast about how she helped the superstar rise to the height of fame and popularity through her rich clients.

After the news of her involvement surfaced, the actress warned the magazine to stop spreading such rumors and even threatened to sue them.

The actress wrote a statement on Yahoo Singapore: “The reports are based on hearsay evidence and aimless speculations, and it is a serious blow to a person’s dignity. We will not hesitate to take legal action against those involved in writing these inaccurate reports for damaging Lin’s good name.

“My conscience is clear, and I hope not to see any report linking me to it again. I will not allow it.

“Lin threatened the media to stop its baseless speculation and emphasized that she is not familiar with Tai.”

Besides the rumor of her involvement in the celebrity prostitution scandal, it is also being said that the actress has gotten back with her businessman ex-boyfriend. It is also being said that the couple, who had been dating each other previously, had decided to get married with each-other pretty soon.

So, we are all eagerly waiting for the moment when the actress is free of all the allegations and can marry her future husband.

The actress, with perfect bikini figure and a height of 5.9 feet, has an estimated net worth of whooping $45 million.