Actress Lesley-Anne Down opens up about her battle with cancer, her two divorces and life with her current husband

HitBerryPublished on   13 Dec, 2015Updated on   13 Dec, 2015

Actress Lesly-Anne Down certainly didn’t have things easy in her life. She has been through two divorces in her life. If you think two divorces aren’t hard enough, she has also battled cancer. The actress is a true example of a woman who was shaped by the situation she was in.

In a recent interview, Down opened about what she was going through at the time of her divorces and the time she had to battle cancer for survival. The actress was diagnosed with breast cancer in the latter stage of her career. In her interview, she stated that her battle with breast cancer gave her a new perspective on life and newer reasons to live.

The actress stated that fighting against cancer for her life changed her perspective on life. She stated that it has made her braver and has helped her understand the value of human life. She is now actively involved in charity work with ‘American Cancer Society.’ She hopes to help young people who are fighting cancer.

“I can’t stay married with a person, if my soul doesn’t want me to spend all my time with the person”, the actress revealed why she had two divorces. She was married to Enrique Gabreil in 1982. She divorced him after only one year. She was then married to William Friedkin from 1982 to 1985.

Her last marriage was to Don Fauntleroy. She has been married to him for 30 years and they have a son, George Edward, together. She has revealed necessity and compassion that exist between a couple to be the main reason why her marriage works. She also expressed that she would always be eternally grateful to her husband for helping her get better during her sickness. Down is extremely religious and also says that her life is as god wills it to be.

Down may have already retired from acting. However, her glory days in Hollywood from her youth will never be forgotten by her fans. She was extremely hot and sexy in her youth. It was believed that at the peak of her youth, she could have had any man in Hollywood as her boyfriend. Even though that ability has faded a little bit with age, she is still very pleasing to the eyes.

At the age of 15, Down was voted the most beautiful teenager in England. There was no turning back after winning that pageant. She broke into the silver screen through her role in ‘The Smashing Bird I Used to Know.’ Since then, she has made appearance in many more movies. She has also been nominated for Golden Globe Award. She has won ‘Soap Opera Awards’ for 4 times till now.

Her net worth is estimated to be $10 million.