Actress Lennon Parham and husband Javier Guzman pregnant with their second child

December 27, 2015
First published on:December 27, 2015
by HitBerry

Actress Lennon Parham and her husband Javier Guzman are on seventh heaven as they are once again going to welcome another child into their family. Sources have said that they made the announcement to family and close friends at a get together in their house a fortnight back.

Lennon and Javier are very happy and have already begun arranging for the essentials for the baby. Lennon has also said that since this is the second time she is pregnant, she knows how to go about things, unlike her first time when at times it tended to get very difficult and frustrating .

Sources also claim this time the couple plan to bring their child into this world in their home itself. The first time they had a baby, Lennon had to spend over three months in the hospital and she complained time and again as to how lonely and uncomfortable she felt during those months.

This time, the couple has already made most of the arrangements for a home birth, sources claim. Lennon has also asked her mother to come help her, something she regrets not doing the first time round.  The couple have said this time they wish not to known the sex of the baby before the birth.

Lennon is expecting the baby to come sometime in the first week of April. Her daughter, Saraya Guzman was born on April 21, 2013. She has also said that her daughter Saraya is very excited to welcome her younger sibling into the family.

Lennon and Javier were married in 2006 and had been trying very hard to have children ever since. Now, they seem to have finally hit the gold. Lennon has said how, in the early years of her marriage, her husband used to get depressed at times over fears of not being able to have children. She also said “so just imagine how happy he is”.

As a professional, Lennon is a very popular comedian. She specializes in improvisational comedy. Apart from being a full time comedian, she is also an actress and writer. She wrote the script for the movie “Horrible Bosses 2”.

Some of her other works in movies include” Volcano Girl”, “Confessions of a Shopaholic” and “Splinterheads”. She is also known for her various acting roles in different TV series. Her most popular roles have been in shows such as “Accidently On Purpose”, “Playing House” and “Bad judge”.

Currently, she is known for making appearances in shows like ”Veep” and “Playing House”, which she is also the creator of.

She recently started a podcast titled “Womp It UP!”. The pod cast has collected a wide spread recognition and many have voted it as being the funniest podcast for females in years.

Lennon is currently 39 years of age and her height is 5 feet 5 inches. Her net worth remains undisclosed.

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