Actress Leah Pipes and husband A.J., who got married last year, want to have kids before they age too much

October 2, 2015
First published on:October 2, 2015
by HitBerry

Actress Leah Pipes is 27, her beloved actor and musician husband AJ Trauth is 29 and this much loved couple want to have kids as soon as possible. Yes guys!! This newly married pair wants to become parents before they age too much.

Rumor has it that The Originals actress and her other half are planning to expand their family pretty soon because Pipes can’t wait to be a mother. A source, who is said to be quiet close to the couple, revealed that Pipes and Trauth are willing to have kids as the beautiful actress wants to become pregnant while she is still young and healthy and can easily recover from the changes of pregnancy.

Unlike other celebrities in Hollywood who believe in ‘career before family’, Leah is eager to welcome her little bundle of joy as soon as possible. The source said: “You would not believe how very worried Leah is about her beauty and body. She read somewhere in internet that getting pregnant before 35 is healthy for one’s body. She believes that conceiving before you age also helps decrease the chances of breast cancer and several other complications, which is true. So Leah has been trying to convince her hubby with all these facts.

It also added: “Trauth wanted to focus on their heightening career first. He loves Leah more than anything in this world, but he wanted to wait a few more years. But now that she has been nagging him for quite a while, he is pretty convinced.

“After all, he is a husband and it’s their job to listen and agree to their wives even if they don’t want to,” the informant joked.

The lovely couple dated each other for more than three years before tying the knot in front of their family and close friends. The former Life is Wild star, Pipes and her actor and musician boyfriend AJ Trauth exchanged wedding vows in Santa Barbara last year in an intimate ceremony.

Leah Pipes is known for her role as Camille on the CW show, The Originals. She has also appeared in the television series Life Is Wild, the slasher film Sorority Row. Meanwhile, her husband is well known for his character of Alan "Twitty" on Even Stevens. He is also a voice actor, who has lent his voice to Josh Mankey on Kim Possible. Both of his programs were aired on Disney Channel.

Now that the couple has decided to have kids, we are pretty sure that the fans of this adorable husband and wife duo are sure to be over the moon after hearing the good news. But when will they announce her pregnancy? “They will do it soon,” said the insider. “She is not pregnant, but they are planning, so it can happen any time. We just have to wait till the couple makes it public via Twitter and Instagram,” stated the gossipmonger.


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