Actress Lauren Kitt and husband Nick Carter pregnant with a baby boy!!!

HitBerryPublished on   17 Dec, 2015Updated on   24 May, 2021

Actress Lauren Kitt and her husband Nick Carter, the former Backstreet Boys singer, are expecting their first child a year into their marriage.  Lauren and Nick are both extremely happy that they are going to be parents soon.

Lauren and Nick first announced that they were expecting a baby on the 2nd of November. Later, the couple gave a formal statement to saying “It has been our dream to have a family together and we cannot wait to welcome our first child into the world”.  

Recently, they were able to find out the gender of the child by DWTS and it is a boy!!!

The journey towards conceiving a child has been a very difficult for Lauren and Nick. Lauren earlier had gone through a devastating miscarriage. Due to this reason, it was proving near impossible for her to conceive a child.

The miscarriage was very hard on both Lauren and Nick. Nick was said to be completely devastated when he heard about the miscarriage. For a couple of months the couple attended therapy and began trying for another baby all over again. It took them another year to get pregnant.

Lauren overcame all these hurdles and is now 22 weeks along in her pregnancy. 

Lauren and Nick, prior to getting married and having a baby on the way, were dating for over four years. It also took them 13 months (from the day of their engagement) to plan their perfect wedding day. They were married on April 12th and the ceremony was a private affair with only friends and family present.

They were married in a beachfront fairy tale ceremony in Santa Barbara, California. All of the former members of Backstreet Boys attended the ceremony. Many websites reported that Nick’s marriage broke many women’s hearts, especially those who were Nick’s fans.

Lauren is a professional fitness expert who has produced a number of fitness shows and fitness routines. Her most prominent work is Kitt Fit. She has also been voted the hottest celebrity fitness instructors in Hollywood.

She is also been named the sexiest fitness personality in recent years by many magazines and websites. She has a huge online following. She has over 300K followers in social media across various platforms. She is known to post fresh feeds on Instagram on a regular basis. Her highest following is on Instagram where she can be followed as laurenkittcarter.

Lauren is also an actress and has been part of couple of movies in recent years. She is currently working on “Dead 7”, a movie that has been written by her husband Nick. She is going to star alongside him in the movie. The movie is set to release in the summer of 2016.

Her net worth remains undisclosed.