Actress Laura Osnes, age 30, talks about her love for husband Nathan Johnson, who she married in 2007

January 31, 2016
First published on:January 31, 2016
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Actress Laura Asnes married photographer Nathan Johnson back in the year 2007. They have a unique relationship which started with a drama where both of them were lead actors, and on-stage kiss.

When the actress, age 30, was asked about her love life with husband Nathan, she revealed that he is the best husband, human being and soul mate. He is reportedly very co-operative and understanding and many of the caring qualities that women look for in a man.

She has said that he is so passionate and caring that she often considers him an angel. During a recent interview she revealed how they met and started their relationship and how they have been into it for nine long years.

She further added that her love for her man is beyond description. She has always wanted him in every steps of her life and she says that she wants to grow old with him. When asked about her children and her plans for a family, she said, "Eventually. We want children but have not made any rigid plans on that."

She further adds that the love and support of her husband had helped her reach the height of success.

Let’s see how their beautiful love story started.

Back in 2005, Laura and Nathan featured as Jasmine and Aladdin for the drama  Aladin under the production of Minneapolis Children's Theatre Company. Initially, other two actors were chosen for the lead characters. But they got in an accident while performing and so Laura and Nathan were cast in the roles. And hence started their lovely relationship…

Jasmine and Aladin (characters in the play Aladin) had to kiss each other in the play. And they did so. They kissed for the first time on-stage. Laura reveals that after the kiss their feelings for eachother was inevitable. Shortly after starring in the play, their real off-screen kiss took place time around Christmas.

They soon started dating and eventually, Nathan proposed to Laura on December 23,2006. Shortly afterwards, they got officially hitched on May11, 2007.

Laura adds how she felt on her wedding day. She was very excited about marrying the love of her life and was desperate to see him at the end of the aisle.

This much in love couple have already spend nine years together and are still enjoying each other’s company.

The fabulous actress has already performed in several movies and TV shows, playing different characters each time. Her net worth earnings has yet been disclosed. Because of her talent, she had succeeded in bagging more than a dozen of awards.

Born on November 19 ,1985 this actress has proved herself as a professional singer as well. She is passionate, multi-talented personality who deserves a great successful career with a loving and caring family. 

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