Actress Kathryn Prescott, one half of the Prescott twins, hates still playing a teenager at the age of 24

December 3, 2015
First Published On: December 3, 2015
by HitBerry

?English actress Kathryn Prescott, best known for playing Emily Fitch on the teen drama television series ‘Skins’ and Carter Stevens in the 2014 MTV drama ‘Finding Carter’, does not want to get stuck in roles of teenager.

We all love Emily Fitch aka Kathryn Prescott, don’t we? It’s quite hard to ignore such a cute and bubbly face that never seems to get old. With a face like that, one can notice her from miles away (wink). But sometimes that beautiful face can be a huge problem to the person itself. Something similar has been happening to our beloved English star Kathryn Prescott.

The actress is popular for her role as Emily Fitch on the BAFTA winning teen drama TV series Skins. She has been playing the character of 16 year old Fitch and you won’t believe that Prescott has not aged since, not literally though. What we are trying to say is that her character, which she started out playing in 2009, was sixteen when she began. Well, she is already 24 but her character hasn’t aged a bit.

The actress is a grown up now, but her face is such that she never seems to be older than 16. And this has been creating problems for the beautiful actress. She wants to grow and does not want to end up playing the role of a teenager her entire career.

She beautifully portrayed the role of Emily, one half of a set of high school twins. The other twin was played by none other than her own twin sister, Megan. Talking about Emily, she was a closeted lesbian who falls head over heels for Naomi (Lily Loveless). When Kathryn she started playing the role, she and her character were both 16. For rest of the two seasons, Emily was still 16. And when the show ended, Emily could not even celebrate her 17th birthday.

After leaving Skins, the actress got a chance to work on several other projects like MTV drama Finding Carter. But, her character Carter was again a teenager. Though Kathryn desperately wanted to get rid of her teen image, she admitted that Carter, despite being a teenager, was much more mature and was different than a typical young teen girl.  

She is popular and a teen heartthrob, but she wants to move past the identity of a teenage girl that she received in Hollywood. She has such a young face that no matter how much she ages, she would probably look not older than 18. This might be the reason why she is usually cast as a teenager in movies and TV shows. Talking to ETonline a few months back, she said that she wanted to work in thriller as a tough girl rather than a teenage drama queen.

She told: “I would want to do a thriller, just something a bit dark but not a horror movie or just a straight-up drama about family relationships.” “Hopefully I won’t be 35 still playing a 16-year-old.”