Actress Kate del Castillo reveals why she has been divorced twice and what she now looks for in a potential husband

December 17, 2015
First Published On: December 17, 2015
by HitBerry

Actress Kate del Castillo separated from her second husband back in 2011. But she had never ever talked about the reason behind her separation with him. Now, after almost four years of their break up, the Latino beauty has finally revealed why she separated with her two husbands and what qualities she wants in her next potential husband.

The Mexico native and daughter of Eric del Castillo, who himself is a legendary actor in the Mexican cinema's golden era, married football player Luis Garcia in February 3, 2001. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last and they split on September 1, 2004.

She later fell in love with fellow Mexican actor Aaron Diaz and the boyfriend and girlfriend duo started dating. Their love turned into marriage in August 2009. But it lasted less than two years and they separated in 2011.

According to Castillo, though she was married twice, her second husband was the one whom she loved the most in her life. The 43 year old starlet, talked to the and revealed her former husband Diaz and she still shared love and affection for each other. She said: “Simply, our lives went to different places.”

The actress expressed her feelings and emotions regarding her split with her handsome partner quite honestly and dissed the media reports suggesting they cheated on each other.

“I have tons of male friends who I’m sure the media will see me with and he [Díaz] will also be seen with a lot of female friends and it is completely irrelevant," she clarified. “They just saw me at a café with one of the Spanish men who I work with and so they follow you because of course, now I'm with him. It's very stupid,” she expressed her bitterness towards the media’s attitude.

It has been more than four years since they fell apart and but people, especially their fans, clearly remembers their spilt, which happened via Twitter. It was rumored that they were having problem in their married life from a pretty long time before their break up. The couple started spending ample amount of time apart from each other, citing work schedules as the reason. The rumor about trouble in their married life was later strengthened by the sexy actress’ father in an interview with one of the Spanish-language program Primero Noticias. He said that Castillo and his wedding was not normal.

Despite their break up, the actress claims that the former couple is still in love with each other and they respect each other greatly. This might be the reason why they exchange lots of positive regards for one another in their social networks, especially Twitter and Instagram.

The hot actress with the perfect bikini body also revealed that the only thing she had to divide with her former husband was their house. "There doesn’t need to be anything bad behind a breakup," she added.

The actress briefly added that if she ever gets married, she would love to have husband who was just like Diaz, in terms of looks and nature.

The artist with the height of 5.5 feet is one of the most popular actresses in Mexico. She has appeared in a number of telenovellas and movies. She has two tattoos on her body. She has an estimated net worth of $10 million.