Actress Kassie DePaiva married James DePaiva. Any divorce rumors?

June 20, 2017
First published on:June 20, 2017
by HitBerry

Katherine Virginia "Kassie" DePaiva, generally known as Kassie DePaiva, is an American singer and actress. People generally know her for her work in American daytime soap operas. She even appeared in the role of Blair Cramer on One Life to Live.

Kassie started her career at the age of 18 at the Grand Ole Opry. Actress Kassie is married to James DePaiva long ago. Give a closer look at the marital life of the couple.

Actress Kassie DePaiva and James DePaiva married in 1996

Firstly, let's begin their love life. Kassie and James first met in Llanview. According to who's dated who, they started dating since 1995. Just after one and half years of their relationship, they surprised their castmates when they eloped to Kentucky on May 31, 1996.

Kassie DePaiva and James DePaiva Kassie DePaiva and James DePaiva   Source: presscdn

Later, the duo renewed the vows on June 16 with a special flower girl (James DePaiva's daughter from his previous marriage, Dreama). Since then the couple is sharing all joys and sorrows together leading a healthy and happy marital life.

The couple has been married for over 21 years. It is obvious that they are involved in a perfect relationship. There is no any divorce rumors of the couple ever talked. The couple is said to be one of the most stable and perfect couples in Hollywood.

Kassie DePaiva and James DePaiva Kassie DePaiva and James DePaiva  Source: dailyentertainmentnews

If you check their dating rumors, both Kassie and James do not have any extramarital life. We can say the duo stayed loyal to each other without any cheating rumors. Why would they get involved in other affairs when they have a perfect husband and loving wife?

Children of Kassie DePaiva and James DePaiva

Kasie and James have only a child. After a year of their wedding, the couple welcomed their first child. Kassie gave birth to her son, JQ DePaiva on May 12, 1997. JQ is 20 years old now. However, James is already the father of two children (altogether three including JQ), a son James Quentin and Dreama Marie DePaiva with Misty Rowe.

Speaking of JQ DePaiva, he was born deaf. This promoted Kassie to involve with a number of charities to help the deaf like Clark School for the Deaf and League of the Hard of Hearing.

Kassie DePaiva and James DePaiva with their son Kassie DePaiva and James DePaiva with their son  Source: photobucket

Kassie and James successfully maintain their personal and private life and happily together with their children. No doubt the couple is having quality time and shares a long time together.