Actress Kali Hawk shares the qualities she looks for in a boyfriend while dating

December 30, 2015
First Published On: December 30, 2015
by HitBerry

Kali Hawk is the latest African American beauty to take the world by storm through her impeccable acting skills on shows like “Black Jesus“ and ”New Girl”. She has expressed her longing for a boyfriend, sources claim.

Kali has never before been married or substantially linked to any person. However, she is known to have dated a number of people in the past. Some of her boyfriends have said that dating Kali was a wonderful experience.

Kali, who has now remained single for a couple of years, has said that the qualities she looks in a boyfriend while considering dating him would firstly be, honesty. Sources say that she has said that honesty is single handedly the most important quality she searches in men.

The other qualities she hopes to find in potential boyfriends are independence. She is known to have said that she is easily attracted to an independent person, sources claim. She also wants her future boyfriend to be person who is down to earth in nature and is caring at the end of the day.

She has said that she is open to dating any person as long as that person can make her happy in a relationship. She has, in a number of occasions, said that in a relationship, she considers happiness to be the most important factor.

Sources claim that Kali, being an animal lover, is very sensitive about animal cruelty and therefore she seeks a boyfriend who, like her, is supportive of animal rights and welfare. She is also rumored to have said that in order for a person to be her boyfriend, that person must be adventurous and outdoorsy.

Kali, as a professional, has received a lot of success in recent years, especially in the field of movies and TV shows. She is currently filming “Fifty Shades of Black”, which is one of the most anticipated comedy movies for this year.

Her other notable works in movies have come from “Let Go”, “Answers to Nothing”,” Answer this!” and “Get Him to the Greek”.  When it comes to TV shows, her career highlight include “Black Jesus”. She is currently filming the new season of the hit TV show “Adult Swim series”.

Kali is just 29 years of age and has time and again said how she is now looking forward to her thirties. She stands at a height is of 5 feet 8 inches. For her tall figure, she has several times been voted into the top ten hot African American women in the entertainment industry.

Kali is also a very popular personality on social media and boast of over 1.5 Million followers in total. She is most followed on Twitter and can be followed @Kaliehawk. On Instagram, she is known to share her life through pictures and short clips with her fans. She can be followed as kaliHawk.

Her net worth remains undisclosed.