Actress Jessy Schram finally reveals her secret boyfriend whom she has been dating for past few months

December 18, 2015
First Published On: December 18, 2015

‘Unstoppable’ star Jessy Schram had been keeping her fans in the dark for quite some time now. She had been simultaneously claiming that she was single and that she was seeing somebody. It had made her fans wonder what the truth of matter really was. But now, in a recent interview with our sources, the actress has revealed what that was all about.

According to our sources, she has actually been dating Unstoppable star ‘Victor Gojcaj’ the whole time. Reports also claim that her controversial statements were only there to distract the media while she built a meaningful relationship with the actor.

Schram wanted to build a stronger relationship with her boyfriend before going public. She didn’t want constant media attention when the two were getting closer to each other. That is why she had kept her relationship with Unstoppable star ‘Victor Gojcaj’ a secret, up until now.

It is believed that the two got close to each other during the filming of the movie. Jessy is a light hearted person while Gojcaj is a more serious guy. The two share their love for silver screen andcomplement each other nicely.

There were rumors that the two were very close to each other during the filming of the movie. But both of them denied those rumors. They had stated that they were only work friends. Now, 5 years after the release of the movie, it appears that the reports were right all along.

 Schram is reportedly very serious about her relationship with Gojcaj.  There are rumors that the two have already introduced each other to their families. Schram believes that Gojcaj has all the qualities that she deems essential in her future husband. She wants to get married to him one day.

It looks like Jessy has chosen the right time to make her relationship public. She is currently 29 years old. She has been active in cinema industry for a little over than 10 years and she has already achieved professional success in that short time. So, the time may be just right for her to start a family.

Scharm started her acting career through her role as Hannah Griffith in the 2006 TV series Veronica Mars. Since then, she has made appearance in several movies and TV series. Her works in TV series ‘Mad Men’ and the 2015 movie ‘The Submarine Kid’ were well appreciated by her fans and critics alike.

The actress’ social media platform accounts are very popular among her fans. Her Instagram account has nearly 12k fans. She keeps her fans updated about the latest happening in her life through her Instagram. She also posts her hot and sexy photos of herself on Instagram. She can also be followed on Twitter @Jschramer.

Her net worth remains undisclosed at this time.