Actress Jessica Tuck, age 53, misses being young and carefree

February 18, 2016
First Published On: February 18, 2016
by HitBerry

Is Jessica Tuck on the brink of her marriage and motherhood? On February 20, the star reportedly stormed out of her Santa Monica mansion and checked into a hotel nearby. A close friend of hers was cited saying that Tuck was feeling bogged down by her responsibilities as a mother and actress and was not having any of it that particular Monday. Neighbors reported hearing shouting coming from her white mansion and witnessing Jessica driving out in her blue car. Tuck had a fight with her husband in the morning which let her to have a meltdown and checking into the hotel by early afternoon. Various sources checked in with the staff who said Tuck was looking pretty distressed although she managed to remain calm.

It is very understandable why Tuck decided to take some time off from her family. She has been facing problems with her personal life and it has been interfering with her professional life as well. Her constant turning up to set late and being grouchy has been the talk of her co-workers as well.  In her recent interviews, she mused about missing her young and carefree days. When she was probed further for an explanation, she refused to comment further although she did say it had to do with her job. With that, it’s quite clear she is in desperate need for a break.

Her husband, Robbie Koseff, has apparently said that he and Jessica are having a lot of fights. The fights centered mostly about how she neglects her children and him and instead goes around to party with her friends. He also revealed it was the first time in his life where he was uncertain as to where the marriage was heading. This made for a devastating news as the couple has been blissfully married for many years.

Close friends to Tuck who refused to be identified out of personal reasons gave an exclusive insight to our sources to voice their disagreement with Koseff, arguing the case has been made out to put Tuck in a bad spotlight. They report that Tuck has in many occasions complained about Koseff being particularly restrictive. They report that Tuck is also currently doing better now as she is still staying in the hotel. It seems there was trouble behind the couple’s communication barrier despite the happy outlook they show in public appearances. All of this was revealed after Tuck stormed out of her house. Let’s hope that both the couple can put their tussles behind them and find a middle ground.

Jessica Tuck was born on 19th February 1963 in New York, United States. She attended Middlesex School when she was young. She then graduated from Yale University. She got a Bachelor degree from Yale University on the field of psychology.

Jessica is a mother of a child. Her name is Samara Barnes Hallam Koseff. She was born on 24th March 2003. She is 12 years old and currently studying at the same school her mother had studied.

Jessica has played in a lot of TV shows. She made a lot of cameo on TV series like Grimm, Scandal and CSI: Cyber. Her only series where she has played the main role is One Life to Live.
She has also played in a lot of movies like Batman Forever, High School Musical 2, High School Musical 3 and Super 8. Her recent movie is Honey Glue, which was released in 2015 and has a 7.8 rating in IMDb.
Jessica’s current net worth is about 3 million dollars.