Actress Jessica Raine doesn't know what it means to be sexy.

July 24, 2015
First Published On: July 24, 2015
by HitBerry

Actress Jessica Raine has revealed she makes a conscious decision to avoid ''sexy'' roles because she doesn't understand the concept.

Raine, while running through all the scripts, chooses her own character. If the character is “too sexy”, she rejects it as she is not clear what the word “sexiness” exactly refers to.

According to the 33-year old actress,best known for playing drama, 'Call the Midwife' and starring alongside David Walliams in the Agatha Christie-inspired 'Partners in Crime',  every girl or woman wants be sexy, look sexy by products or through their behavior. It can be manipulative. The sexiness in love life, that’s what she considers the real sexiness. She doesn’t understand how people take sexy as a “thing”.

Jessica admitted that she is tired of the stereotype which women are cast into in television and on cinema. The women are made to be sexier than they really are.

Raine refuses to play the victim in the BBC's new drama 'Agatha Christie. She says,” It’s become a top priority for me to try only to accept parts where the woman is three-dimensional. It's easy to talk about 'strong female characters', but it's not about being strong, it's about being real, and with Tuppence, it was about being someone who is confident, front-footed, nosey and witty. She's a clever, resourceful woman who's always pushing. In my own life, I found I was more open to adventure.''

Raine’s bio reflects her strength as a woman. She knew her goals when she was 13; she decided to portray the most beautiful roles of woman in TV shows and movies. She distinguished herself as a promising stage actress as well as a movie star. She was also awarded the best supporting actress by  Manchester Evening News for her role in the revival of 'Punk Rock'.  Aat the beginning of 2012 she became known to a far wider audience when she took on the lead role in the nostalgic television series 'Call the Midwife’. This is why; she has been popular with her work.

Jessica Raine, a sexy woman with a hot figure is admired by everyone. She has an average height of 5 ‘6. She has maintained the perfect body measurements. She looks resistless in bikini. Raine is quite popular in social networking sites like Facebook. She has many followers from around the world on Twitter and she addresses her fans from the site. She is an active user of Instagram as well and she posts her pictures regularly in the site to be in touch with her supporters. Her net worth is estimated to be in millions, however the exact figure is not disclosed.

Jessica Raine got married to long time boyfriend Tom Goodman, whom she had dated since 2010. She shared their wedding picture on Instagram.