Actress Jessica Lucas open to dating men of all ethnicity and nationality

December 8, 2015
First published on:December 8, 2015
by HitBerry


Celebrities can be picky about their choice- from their shoes to their holiday destinations. Well, Jessica Lucas is also one choosy girl, with her wardrobe consistently featuring labels from top designers. But one thing she is not picky about and that is her love partner – she is basically open to all kinds of people. Well, by all we mean boys, since Jessica is not gay/lesbian.

The successful Canadian actress and singer, who was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, is known for her appearances in movies like She's the Man, Cloverfield, Melrose Place, Edgemont and Cult and Evil Dead. Of African-Canadian and European descent, she has been making it big in Hollywood as a supporting actress.

She started her acting career after appearing in the Canadian TV series Edgemont as Bekka Lawrence. She then went on to feature in one more Canadian show, 2030 CE in 2002. The series was later cancelled citing budget constraints. She is currently dating Brandon Collier and they have officially admitted that they are indeed boyfriend and girlfriend.

Although not the first name in many people’s lips in Hollywood, she has a net worth of $4 million dollars and is highly regarded for her acting talents. She is also a constant user of popular social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram.  With astonishing 11.7k followers in Instagram, she has been one very popular name in the site. She has 15.7k followers on Twitter and considering her status and name, this is a very big number.

There is no doubt that many people love the Canadian born starlet. The sexy and talented actress also has a remarkable personality and hence, is a well-known figure inside the sets. She has constant and varied options in roles as a supporting actress and it has been revealed that Jessica does get a lot of offers. However, she is very picky while choosing a script.

The actress, height 5’6”, is currently dating Brandon Collier. Brandon is not a household figure and hence, there is not much known about him.

In a recent interview, Jessica had spoken about what she wanted in her partner and had answered that it was honesty and good personality that attracted her the most. So, pretty much we can add that Collier is honest and decent indeed. After all, he has Jessica, age 30, as his partner. She also said that she did not like a specific type of guy as she respects all races and ethnicity and that nationality is the last thing she considers while seeking a life partner. Neither of the two have confirmed that they want to turn their current relationship into a marriage. But by the looks of it, the two might just get married pretty soon. If so, we’ll be right here catching up with the gossip.


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