Actress Jessica Amlee, age 21, opens up about what she looks for in a boyfriend while dating

February 12, 2016
First Published On: February 12, 2016
by HitBerry

The beautiful Canadian actress Jessica Amlee has finally laid out what she looks for in her boyfriend. So boys, take note!!  The young blonde babe, at the age of 21, has set out her preferences and it’s time us guys take notice and shape up.

Sources say that the Canadian beauty wants a boyfriend who is careful about staying fit and in shape. But more than that, she also looks for someone who is caring, loving, and sensitive. All these qualities in one guy would definitely make him a husband material.

This is a big shoe to step into for many guys. But she doesn’t want someone who changes himself to be with her. According to sources, she just wants a guy who can be himself with her.

The actress, according to sources, has said that she has had past relationships that had turned bad. Now, she just wants a relationship that will last and is putting herself back in the dating market. Sources also add that she has been hanging out with a lot of guys. But it seems like she has just not yet met Mr. Right.

Sources say the actress, though only in her early twenties, wants to get married while still in her twenties. She reportedly wants to start a family while still young. She has said that she has had bad relationships in past while dating.

According to some of our sources, her parents are very happy with her choice to get married young, and they cannot wait to become grandparents. It seems like the whole Amlee family is now on a groom hunt for Jessica!!

Jessica Amlee was born on July 17, 1994 in Maple Ridge, British Colombia, Canada. She is well known for her roles such as Mallory in the Canadian television show Heartland and as Amy in the horror movie Beneath.

She attended Kanaka Creek Elementary High School in Maple Ridge. Since her childhood, she has starred in many movies and TV shows. She is said to have always had an innate talent for acting. This was discovered by her parents when she was just 10.

After knowing about their daughter’s talents, they sent her to auditions and it was not long before she got her first acting job. Sources say that she had dreamt about being an actor for a long time and is now living her dream. Things have just been going good for the actress. She is even rumored to be prepping for a new movie.

Some of the films she starred in include They (2002), My Life without me (2003), Super babies: Geniuses 2 (2004), Refection (2004), Chesnutt: Hero of the Central Park (2004) and Eve and the Fire House (2005) among others.

Her TV shows include some famous shows like Urban Rush , The Twilight Zone ,The Collector  and Absolute Zero. Apart from this, according to sources, she is said to have done some modeling too.

The young actress is estimated to have a net worth $15 million dollars, which is expected to rise in time.