Actress Jennifer Finnigan and husband Jonathan Silverman, married since 2007, on keeping romance alive

HitBerryPublished on   08 Sep, 2015Updated on   13 May, 2021

Canadian actress Jennifer Finnigan and Jonathan Silverman have been together for eight years and are still wonderfully happy in their married life. With the years passing by, their relationship is growing stronger day by day, so much so that they can’t stop talking about their love life and how they are still obsessed with each other.

In an interview with People, Finnigan talked about her husband Silverman, who was very supportive to her during the shooting of the movie, "Better with You". She said, "He's incredibly supportive. He's here there every time on tape night. When I'm shooting, he'll sit in my dressing room and watch me on the monitor, hang out, ask me if I'd like to drink water, get me food. It's an amazing thing. I think he's more excited about my success than I am".

The couple has been a great support for each other in real life as well as in professional life. Both of them have teamed up to co-direct a movie, “A Bet's A Bet “. They are also seen acting in the movie along with lead actors, Mena Survari and Geoff Stults.

Talking about the movie, Silverman said, “I had directed one other movie prior by myself but Jennifer was so incredibly helpful from the get-go in casting, rehearsals. She pretty much was my co-director. By the time this offer came about, I immediately went to Jennifer, "Do you actually want to do this? We can actually make this happen? I know you would be an amazing director."

“I was right! She's brilliant! She's so good in this! I hope we get to continue making movies together for many years!” he added.

The pair got to know each other through their mutual friend, actor Matthew Perry. He introduced Silverman to Finnigan at a barbecue in 2004. After six months, Silverman proposed to the “Close to Home” actress in a New Zealand rain forest. They got married in 2007, in an intimate ceremony in the island of Mykonos.

In an interview with a Journal, when she was asked about having a child, she said, “We’re on the four-to-five-year plan. We want to travel and do married things together before we settle down. Having children changes life forever, so we want to take our time before doing that.”

Jennifer Finnigan is best known for her role as 'Bridget Forrester' on the soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful". She also stars in the new romantic comedy “A Bet’s A Bet.” which she co-directed with her husband Jonathan Silverman. The movie was released on May 2015.

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