Actress Jennie McAlpine and husband Chris Farr, who became parents late last year, want a brood of children eventually

September 8, 2015
First Published On: September 8, 2015
by HitBerry

Last week, we did a story about weathergirl Laura Tobin, who said that she didn’t want to be pregnant or have children because kids scare her. But not everyone thinks the same. Today, we have a celeb who, unlike Tobin, is a mother and wants to have a brood of children.

Coronation Street star, Jennie McAlpine, who is in a long term relationship with Chris Farr, a restaurant manager, gave birth to their first child, Albert last year. The new parents were over the moon and showered their infinite love to their newly born son. The actress has repeatedly gone on record saying that she was overjoyed after giving birth to her baby son.

The actress was seen with her adorable baby boy and the child’s father having an afternoon stroll back in December, when little Albert was just ten weeks old. And now, the boy is almost a year old. He has grown up and so has his mother’s desires to have kids. The proud mother of one wants to have more children in coming future.

The 31 year old British television actress and comedienne does not want to stop with just one child. In fact she wants to have a whole soccer team. The soap queen, who plays the role of Fiz Stape in the ITV soap Coronation Street, is quite eager to have more kids with her partner of ten years.

The popular star, who posted heart touching lines on Twitter after the birth of Albert, is said to be pretty eager to expand her small and cute family.

A source has it that the actress has had a dream of having a very big family from the very first day she started dating Farr. The insider reported that the actress, who was a single daughter of her parents, is planning to conceive another baby soon.

The insider claimed: “Jennie was the only daughter. Though she had an elder brother, she never got to enjoy a sibling’s company because her brother Thomas was almost 12 years older than her. So as a mother, she has always been thinking of having a hoard of kids so that her children could enjoy each other’s company as friends.”

The source added: “She has already persuaded her boyfriend and they are ready to increase their family.

“Jennie really wants to have a soccer team,” the informant laughed.

The source added that the ginger beauty was having a great time as a mother. “She is a proud mother and she can’t wait to welcome a few more siblings for her pretty angel,” told the informant.

 It has also been revealed that the actress and her beau might get married sometime soon. It was said that the couple, who had been together for a decade now, want to turn their relationship into a marriage. So be ready for their wedding announcements soon.

McAlpine shares lovely snaps of her adorable son on Twitter and Instagram frequently so go follow her on her social accounts!!