Actress Jena Sims finally dating again after breakup with ex-boyfriend Robert Buckley in 2012

May 11, 2017
First Published On: September 8, 2015
by HitBerry

Rumor has it that the winner of Miss Georgia Teen USA beauty pageant 2007, model/actress Jena Sims is finally dating someone after three years of her break up with former boyfriend Robert Buckley.

You must be very excited to know more about Sims new lucky man. But before that, let’s look back at the time when the actress was dating iZombie actor Buckley.

Dating has never been fruitful for the former Miss Georgia Teen USA, Jena Sims. She is beautiful, sensual, sexy and talented. She is often considered a beauty with brains. But when it comes to love life, the hot title holder has had hardly any luck in her love life.

The model turned actress, aged 26, dated Lipstick Jungle actor, Robert Buckley in the past. But their relationship ended unceremoniously. They dated for ten and a half months (not even one whole year) sometime during 2011. The couple broke up in 2012.

After the break up Jena’s ex-boyfriend started dating his One Tree Hill co-star and model turned actress Shantel VanSanten. He moved on in his life but did Sims do the same?

Many had thought that a beautiful and hot girl like her would find a perfect partner easily. They said that Sims would surely have an affair with someone soon after the split. But she didn’t.

For more than three years, the hot young beauty queen tried to stay away from all the hustle and bustle of a love life. Instead, she decided to focus on her acting career in Hollywood, which is now reaching new height. She bagged a few major roles in Hollywood movies like Attack of the Fifty Foot Cheerleader, Last Vegas and most recently, Kill the Messenger.

The aspiring actress and a professional model has never been seen with any other guy after the heartbreaking spilt with Buckley. After all, it was the first time she had ever dated after she garnered popularity as the contestant on Miss Teen USA.

She did not give romance a chance while her former flame hooked up with VanSanten so quickly. But now it has been revealed that the steamy hot Sims is seeing someone.

A source has claimed that the 26 year old glam doll has been dating a mystery guy and she has been seen with her alleged new boyfriend on several places in various occasions.

The insider said that the actress has been frequenting night clubs and restaurants with a man whose identity is completely unknown to the media.

It has been added that the face of the man looks unfamiliar, which led to speculations that the guy might be a non-celebrity. Informants have since confirmed that Sims reported boyfriend is someone out of the show biz.

According to the source, the couple was seen entering a night club in Los Angeles, the city where she lives. They were seen walking hand in hand. But nobody seemed to take notice of them as they just sort of crept in and didn’t show their faces.

The informant added that by the looks of it, the couple wanted to keep their relationship a secret.

If the rumors are indeed true than we’re 100 percent positive that the beauty who is widely known for her charities and her organization "Pageant of Hope", would surely share the good news with her fans pretty soon. We will be looking forward to snaps of her new beau on social media sites.