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Actress Janet Varney no longer dating!! Focusing on career after split with boyfriend Chris Hardwick

September 1, 2015
First published on:September 1, 2015
by HitBerry

Janet Varney has just got out of a seven year relationship with her boyfriend Chris Hardwick. Hardwick, when he started dating Janet, was a recovering Alcoholic and had been sober for just under a year. Although Janet did not have a difficult time with Hardwick, she has said she wasn’t happy with the relationship and needed it to end.

Janet hasn’t been linked to any other person apart from Hardwick in the past. It was the actresses’ first serious relationship. Following, her split with Hardwick, Janet has spent most of her time concentrating on her career and not on her love life.

Janet’s personnel life prior to her affair with Chris was kept highly reserved. Even with Chris, she tried and avoided as much of public attention as she could. After her split with Hardwick her personnel life has completely gone off the radar and much of what’s known about her are through her appearances on premiers award ceremonies and her talk show segments.

It seems that. after her split with Chris, her career has grown leaps and bounds with her landing prominent roles in television .Her most significant project at the moment is in the animated children’s show The Legend of korra as Korra.

Apart from Korra, her other major works include ‘Burning Love’ where she is a recurring cast member. On the show ‘You’re the worst’, she is a recurring cast member as the character Becca Barbabra. ‘You’re the worst’ has managed to garner wide spread audience for its imaginative single camera comedy style.

Other than her TV fame she is also known to host a number of Podcast, some of which have gained widespread fan base. She is famous for hosting the talk show ‘Dinner and a Movie’. She hosted the talk show for seven years till the end of it in 2011.

She has made a number of appearances in hit TV shows such as Entourage, How I met your Mother, Key and Peele, Psych and Bones. In movies too, she has had a number of cameo appearances, some of which include ‘Still waiting’, ‘Drillbit Taylor’, ‘Judy Moody’ and ‘Not Bummer Summer’.

Janet is also the Co-founder, creative director and producer of supposedly the largest and most acclaimed comedy festival in all of North America, the SF Sketch Fest (The San Francisco Comedy festival) which is currently running on its 15th year.

Janet is a year short of forty and is 39 years of age. She has not been married yet. Janet is very active on social networking platforms and can be followed under the username @janetvarney in Twitter. On Instagram, she uses the username thejvclub and is frequently posting pics of her day to day life.



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