Actress Isabelle Fuhrman, aged 18, talks about growing up, dating, boyfriends and her role in Masters of Sex

August 28, 2015
First Published On: August 28, 2015
by HitBerry

Tessa Johnson might be all about love and dating (since her mother is a pioneer of human sexuality). But what about the actress playing her? Not so much!! Isabelle Fuhrman, who currently plays the 15 year old version of Tessa, the daughter of professors Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan) doesn't struggle with love. Or at least she hints she doesn't. The actress, who is currently single and hasn't been linked to anyone, talked to Entertainment Weekly about growing up and boys and family as a whole. This season, Tessa continues to deal with boys and her relationship with them. Her now boyfriend, Matt was a turning point for Tessa this year. Talking about Tessa's relationship with Matt, Fuhrman said,

"This arc with [Tessa’s boyfriend] Matt is really one that’s been interesting, at least to me as an actress, because I get to explore this relationship that I’ve never experienced."

Aww!!!! Her characters might have been a manipulative badass tribute (Clove in The Hunger Games movies) or a sexually active killer (Esther in Orphan) but she is just a really sweet kid who wants to experience normal teenage stuff in real life. Fuhrman, who is now 18 might miss out, if she doesn't take a break to make teenage mistakes soon. But looks like she'll only be making those mistakes within TV and films only.

However, she recently posted a picture of her and Daley and some friends on her Twitter and Instagram with the caption: "Frowny face! @tomdaley1994 is back to London already! Going to miss you!" so who knows?

Further in the interview she talked about getting to work with new people and to play the development of her character in the interview.

"We have Frances Fisher and Michael O’Keefe playing my grandparents, so that plays a big role in the season and in the relationship between Tessa and Virginia. You’ll see a lot more mischief from Tessa. As I said, she’s smart and she figures out that Virginia and Masters are dating, so she’s not in any way going to make that easier on them."

While her character might be a rebellious teenager, she also deals with a heartbreaking storyline this season. Talking about Tessa's development and her arc this season, Isabelle said,

 "Just reading it, it really broke my heart. I went to a regular school and knew girls in middle school that had that happen to them. I knew people that had had a date, and a guy said “You can’t leave me like this” and it ended in a very violent way and they thought… is he my boyfriend now? Does that mean we’re together? And it’s a confusing thing because they didn’t understand that that was sexual assault. And I think that just shows that even though this took place in the ‘60s, there still is that need for people to be able to talk candidly about sex because it’s still a conversation that people are afraid to have."