Actress Hope Davis ready for her next career move: set to lead the cast of American Crime season 2

August 28, 2015
First Published On: August 28, 2015
by HitBerry

Actress Hope Davis is the newest addition to the second season of American Crime. Along with Davis, new-comers Joey Pollari, Connor Jessup, and Angelique Rivera have also joined the cast. Davis was announced to be playing a pivotal role but her character still remains unknown. However, it is known that she will appear in a total of seven episodes.

American Crime is an anthology series like every other show on TV these days. But unlike other shows, this ABC crime drama has been getting high praise after only one season. The first season starred Desperate Housewives veteran and Emmy Award winning actress Felicity Huffman and Oscar winning actor Timothy Hutton.

Hutton and Huffman are also said to be returning for the second season of the series along with supporting cast members Regina King, Elvis Nolasco and Richard Cabral.

The second season's story takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana.  A high school student accuses several members of a private school's championship basketball team of sexually assaulting him and then taking photos of the incident and posting them online.

Talking about the addition of another talented actress (Davis) and the 10 nominations American Crime bagged this year, Creator John Ridley said in a statement, “With the welcome addition of Hope, we’re assembling one of the most accomplished casts I’ve ever had the opportunity with whom to work.”

“Following last week (‘s 10 Emmy nominations), we know expectations for our second season continue to grow. Having Hope play opposite Tim Hutton, watching them navigate an exceptionally charged set of circumstances, is going to allow us to excavate our subject matter with both the emotion and sensitivity it deserves.”

Hopefully this season of American Crime is another milestone in Davis' career.  Even though the actress started off with smaller roles like that of an airport receptionist in Home Alone (1990), she managed to kick off her career and even receive two Emmy nominations in the next few decades.  Some of her most noted performances include independent movies like The Daytrippers and Next Stop Wonderland. She has also worked on various television series like In Treatment (for which she was nominated for an Emmy) and Mildred Pierce. In 2015, she starred in Allegiance and Wayward Pines. Aside from her work on TV and film, Davis is also known in the theater world. For her role in the Broadway production of God of Carnage, Davis received a Tony Award nomination.

About her love for the theater, she has previously said, "I think it's almost dangerous to move too quickly and to get too hot too fast………. It's better to spread it out and if I'm gonna miss a job because I'm doing theater for a few months....... I'd rather do what I want to do."

Davis married her now husband actor Jon Patrick after her divorce from Ford Evanson. Patrick and Davis have two children together.