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Actress Heather Tom and husband, James Achor, not satisfied with married life, rumors of impending divorce

December 13, 2015
First published on:December 13, 2015
by HitBerry

Heather Tom and her husband James Anchor have been having a troubled marriage lately and rumors have surfaced that they plan on getting a divorce.

Heather and James, sources claim, are having their marriage rocked from innumerable fights and lengthy arguments. Sources close to Heather have said that she is regretting rushing into marriage and has been threatening James with a divorce.

James, on the other hand, has been giving no attention to Heather’s tantrums and sources have said he is more than okay with a divorce. James’s close friends have also sided with him and have said Tom is an impossible woman to live with and they are amazed as to how James has been living with her for the past few years.

Tom is known to be a bit of a drama queen and even her friends are known to dislike her. Tom has been very outspoken about their troubled marriage and James has accused her of trying to garner publicity. James, at one time, accused Tom of being an “attention seeking parasite”.

Sources have said that Tom has already seen a few lawyers and is all set to file for divorce and the only thing stopping her is the ongoing holidays. Our sources have informed that as soon as the holidays come to an end, by the first week of January 2016, James is going to be handed a divorce.

Tom and James, prior to marriage, were partners for fifteen years. Tom and James began dating in 2000. Tom, at that time, said James was the best boyfriend any girl could wish for.

James has blamed the marriage for the sudden downturn in their relationship. He has said “Everything was perfect before we married. But after marriage, everything has turned ugly”.

Tom and James have a son Zane Alexander together and James has also said that Zane was the only reason he wanted to remain in the relationship. Their baby was born on October 28 in 2012.

Tom, on a professional level, has had a very smooth career. She has been part of over twenty different films and TV series in her career. Her most note worthy appearances have come from shows like ”Imaginary Friend” , “One Life to Live” , “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful”.

In the sphere of movies, she is known for her performance in “Suicide Dolls”, “Mamitas” and “The Adventures of Sam Wolf”. She has also just finished filming for her upcoming movie “Animals Among Us”, which is set to premier in the month of January 2016.

She is also one of the most followed celebrities from the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful on social media.

Her net worth remains undisclosed.

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