Actress Gretchen Mol gives a beautiful performance in the movie, "True Story", talks about losing "It girl" status after Vanity fair cover

July 31, 2015
First Published On: July 31, 2015
by HitBerry

Actress Gretchen Mol recently gave a beautiful performance in the movie, "True Story”. She was well-appreciated for her work and her acting skills in the movie as she proved that she is still a phenomenal actress.

Gretchen Mol was famously pronounced Hollywood's next 'It girl' by Vanity Fair magazine in 1998. But the actress then sank into obscurity for several years before finally beating what is now known as the 'Vanity Fair cover curse’. Posing in a cream bra top and palazzo pants for Town and Country magazine, the blonde bombshell also denied that she was discovered by an agent while working as hatcheck girl at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

On another snap, actress wore a fifties style swimming costume by a swimming pool while holding a pair of white glasses. Mol told the magazine, 'I never checked a hat in my damn life,' regarding the story that she was discovered by an agent while working at Michael’s, a spot popular with entertainment power players in Santa Monica. She goes on to say that Bob and Harvey Weinstein were in the business of making stars and made up the story to go with the ingénue image they created for her. But a Michael’s rep told the New York Post that Mol did indeed work in the cloakroom

The star, who plays Gillian in the hit HBO show Boardwalk Empire about mobsters during the Prohibition era in Atlantic City, received a harsh lesson in how manufactured heat can lead to Hollywood backlash. Mol has since left Los Angeles for New York City and has two children with film director Kip Williams.

Actress Gretchen Mol married Kip Williams in 2004. The whole family was recently seen enjoying the summer heat in New York City. The blonde and her director husband Kip Williams was spotted enjoying a leisurely stroll with their two children.

Gretchen, looking relaxed in a black sundress and sandals, pushed her adorable little girl Winter, 18 months, in a pushchair.

Meanwhile, Winter’s older brother, Ptolemy, who turns five, next month, was also traveling on wheels as he rode a scooter.

Since first becoming a mother in 2007, Gretchen has declined projects in Los Angeles, preferring to work near her family home in New York City. She said a few years ago: 'I told my agent I didn't want to work in L.A., even if it was the greatest job in the world. I didn't want to compromise.' Gretchen leaped to fame in 1998 when she landed notable roles in Woody Allen's Celebrity and Rounder’s. However, the hype died down when the films failed to perform in the box office as well as the studios had hoped.

In a recent interview with Town & Country magazine, she admitted it was quite harsh after her media hype as a 'Hollywood It Girl' quietened down. She said: 'It suddenly felt very, "Hey, she's not all that."

“What you find out is that just as quickly as people get behind you, they fall away. I watched as the doors went open. Then, I watched them as they closed.”

Gretchen Mol has good height of 5’6 and has a very beautiful and Beautiful actress Gretchen Mol revealed her body measurements many times on TV screen. Her gorgeous hour-glass shaped body looked perfect in her short dresses. Mol, who is an American of white ethnicity, has a net worth is 8 million U.S Dollar. She is very enthusiastic towards social networking sites such as on Twitter and Instagram. 

According to Imdb, Her unique beauty brought her modeling jobs as she pursued her dream of becoming a professional actress. And after that success was in her way, she had a fascinating career.

As mentioned before, Gretchen Mol has been loved for her work in the movie “The True Story”. She has made her most of the opportunities she has been given and is acknowledged for her brilliant performance in movies.