Actress Greer Grammer, age 24, talks about her boyfriend and dating life

January 8, 2018
First published on:February 13, 2016
by HitBerry

The famous blonde TV show Actress Greer Grammer has finally opened up about her boyfriend and dating life!! The actress does have a boyfriend and she has finally revealed some information about him.

The actress, at the age of 24, she opened up about having a boyfriend in a recent interview with Your Tango. When she was asked if she was dating anyone, she replied that she does have a boyfriend and she met him while attending college at the University of Southern California. She also added that he graduated a year before she did.

She further added that he works in the finance department of 20 Century Fox. He also deals with TV shows and Films, but on the corporate side, with a number of digital media. Moreover, he is kind of hot, according to the actress.

While talking about her dating life, she stated that she has learnt a lot from her dad’s past relationships. She said that her father always listened to his heart and that is an important thing in life. She did add that her father never really gave her any relationship advice or talk and she mostly learnt through his example. But he did say to her that if she was happy that was good enough.

She believes that communication is the key in every relationship. And it seems like she and her boyfriend communicate very well. If she feels hurt or if he feels hurt, they communicate with each other in the right way and keep their relationship strong.

She further added that she does believe in the love at first sight. But it did not happen for them and she said that it was not lust either. She added that he walked her home one night from a friends barbecue because they lived close to each other. But it was not anything romantic or anything. She remembers looking at him and seeing herself with him. But they did not start dating till another year.

Greer does not completely agree with the theory of The ONE but does believe there are people who you are supposed to be with. She also added that she is attracted to a man who listen to country music as she loves Luke Bryan and Carrie Underwood and like to sing too.

Kandace Greer Grammer is known for her role as Lisa Miller in the TV series Awkward .She is also a former beauty queen, winning the Golden Globe and Miss Teen Malibu. Her parents were never married and she was raised by her mother in Malibu. Through her father, she has three half sisters and two half brothers.

She has been featured in a lot of movies and TV shows right from her teenage years. She has two upcoming movies this year.

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