Actress Flora Martinez and husband Jose Reinoso still happily married. Might be having more children

September 1, 2015
First Published On: September 1, 2015
by HitBerry

Flora Martinez and Jose Reinoso have been married since the summer of 2008. The couple even has a daughter Sofia Reninoso who was born in the spring of 2010. But, according to recent media updates, Flora isn’t happy about the way things are between her and her husband. However, the couple are denying these reports as false rumors.

The Couple are apparently happy in their union and are saying that all their attention at the moment is focused on the upbringing of their daughter Sofia. The couple has been maintaining a healthy relationship and they were seen making appearances together in award ceremonies, events and functions.

Flora is currently taking a leave from her career in acting, after having caught the attention of critics worldwide for her acting skills and beauty. She started out in Television shows in her home country of Columbia where she was famous for her acting and garnered many national awards.

Her claim to fame came from her role in a Columbian film “Rosario Tijeras” for which she bagged many prestigious European and South American awards. Her first international movie “Soplo De Vida” earned her the acclaimed Best Actress award at the Biarritz Film Festival.

Following her success at international level she moved from Columbia to New York to continue her training in acting at the famous The Actors Conservatory, where she met her husband Jose and started dating. The couple instantly fell in love and married a year later.

The couple were very flamboyant about their union and were often seen together everywhere. In 2010 after the birth of their daughter the couple decided to move and settle down in Canada where they currently reside. Jose and Flora both have retired from professional acting and are now running a Work studio where they teach Acting, mostly to Immigrants from South America.

They co –direct plays with their students and stage them in prominent theatre’s in Canada. Half their earning are given to charity for the help of immigrants in the country facing a hard time. Flora and her husband are active in many other charitable organizations as well. Special mentions must be given to Empowerment of women in society in Columbia.

The couples have mentioned their plans of having more children in the near future. She was 32 years of age when she conceived her daughter and has said she still has a few years left before she gives up hope for another child. Mainly suggesting that” Sofia keeps asking them for a brother”. The couple hail from similar backgrounds and are keen to teach their children the cultural aspects of their community.

Flora Martinez is active on social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram and can be followed under the username @ACTRIZFLORA on twitter and Floramartinezofficial on instagram . Her husband Jose Reinoso is not active in any of the social networking platforms .The couple are reportedly worth over $4 Million in net worth.