Actress Felicity Huffman, age 53, talks about why her 17 years long married life with husband William H. Macy is successful

January 4, 2016
First Published On: January 4, 2016
by HitBerry

It’s the world of show business! so it would be no surprise if a persons’ marriage didn’t last a year or even a week. But there are some people who indeed have found true love in this industry. For them, the showbiz is not an end of their relationship, but just a mean to their life. And who better to top that list than the stunning Felicity Huffman.

53 years of age and still stunning, Felicity Huffman has been married for over 18 years now. She is an American actress who has worked in film and on stage. She has also appeared in many television series. Huffman is best known for her role as Lynette Scavo in the American comedy drama ‘Desperate housewives’.

Felicity and her husband Wililam H Macy have appeared on various news sites and they are not afraid to show their lovey-dovey side to us. On various occasions, they have been seen together and all over one another. Surely, they are one of the most lovely and influential couple for everyone in this industry today. Hollywood power couple is what people refer to them as these days and they are an eye candy for all who dream to be like them. I guess it means they really meant those words about staying together through thick and thin.

Felicity Huffman appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show where she talked about her satisfaction with her marriage. From her point of view, she loves the way her husband is with her. She also explained how she believes herself to be more problematic among the two. She also explains abut how mesmerized she becomes in his company. But, whatever it may be, she certainly did sound very pleased with her married life. She has two kids, daughters Sophia Grace and Georgia Grace, now 16 and 14 respectively.

Married in 1997, both of them have found success on television as well as on stage. She started off her career with a minor role in 1988 film ‘Things change’. From there to here, her astounding journey has won her many nominations and awards.

Although Felicity is 53 years of age, she definitely does not look so, especially with her height and how she has maintained her figure. 5 feet 4 inch tall, her height does her justice by topping it along with her beauty. Although, we might want to thank the amazing power of plastic surgery for her amazing looks! But hey, it’s not that unusual as it used to be and we don’t really care.

Looks is not the only thing Felicity has. In fact, her drawer is full of trophies and awards this exceptional actress has earned throughout the years. Be it on stage or on television, she is able to awe everyone with her acting. No wonder she has a Primetime Emmy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award and Golden Globe Award on her collection as well as a nomination to the Academy Award for her excellent acting skill.

After the death of her fellow co-star Kathryn Joosten, she has appeared in various cancer awareness videos where she has talked about her connection to breast cancer, both on and off stage.