Actress Erin Cahill, age 35, feeling the biological clock ticking. desperate to get married and have a husband and children

December 11, 2015
First Published On: December 11, 2015
by HitBerry

Erin Cahill, like most women in their late thirties, has begun to get paranoid as to whether it might be getting late for her when it comes to marriage and children. Erin, who has time and again been voted into the top ten sexiest women in America, has said she has been facing difficulty in finding the ideal husband she desires.

Erin has had relationships in the past which almost ended in marriage. But she avoided such commitments when she was young. Now, being in her late thirties, sources close to her have said that she is beginning to get desperate in her search for a husband and wishes to start a family immediately.

Erin has also stated that her number one priority at the moment is to get married and start a family. She believes that if she is not able to settle down before she turns forty, she might never get the chance again in her life.

She has also said that if she does not manage to find the right person for her, she will consider being a mother through surrogacy or adoption. She believes being a parent is one of the best things that can happen to a person in his or her life time and she does not want to miss out on the opportunity to be a parent.

Erin fears that if she is not able to have children, she will end up regretting her life choices for the rest of her life.

Erin, who has had a number of boyfriends, has said she doesn’t believe that a man is necessary for raising children and women alone can do it by themselves and she will do the same if she has too.

Erin, on a professional scale, has had a very illustrious career and has been a part of over 30 TV series, films, movies and miniseries. Erin, as an actress, has immersed herself into various roles. 

Some of her best known works in the movies are “Mission:Impossible III” ,”Boogeyman 3” and “Delirium”. While her best known TV series are “Red Widow” ,” General Hospital” , “Free Ride” and “ Power Rangers Time Force”.

Erin is also the first lead female character in the popular Call of Duty franchise. Apart from her career, she is also known for her many charitable works and has founded groups such as Charitable-Living and BuildOn, a non –profit organization which promotes education and build schools for poor African children.

Erin is also a very popular figure in the social media and regularly post new feeds and updates for her fans. She is known to communicate with her fans through social media, especially through Twitter. On Instagram itself, she has over 21K followers and has posted over 720 pictures. She can be followed as ejcahill on Instagram.

Erin’s net worth remains undisclosed.