Actress Emma Booth and husband Dominick Joseph Lunar, whom she secretly married 2 years ago, thinking of having children??

January 31, 2016
First published on:January 31, 2016
by HitBerry

Actress Emma Booth and husband Dominick Joseph Lunar got secretly married 2 years ago in Las Vegas. This beautiful lady managed to keep it a secret for almost a year and a half before revealing it last year. And now, after two years of marrying the man of her dreams, it is being rumored that the Australian model turned actress is thinking of having children with him. Say what??!!

Yes people, don’t get surprised. We have exclusive information from a source close to Booth about her and her husband’s plan of having children in the near future. 

The actress from Perth is a former teen model who is known for her role in the 2007 film ‘Introducing the Dwights’. The sexy starlet secretly exchanged wedding vows with her LA based musician boyfriend two years ago and did not give even a single hint to anyone. But this time, we have gotten hold of some important news about this beautiful and talented actress’ plan for children. 

A source close to Booth told us that she and her better half Lunar were thinking of expanding their family soon. According to the insider, Booth and Lunar are quite eager to have children of their own and they are already planning for it. 

“Emma and Dominick are quite eager to become parents and they want to have whole lot of children in their family. And the good news is, they are already planning for it,” said the informant. 

The insider further revealed: “Emma wanted to wait a little longer to announce her and Dom’s wedding publicly, but she did not have enough patience. And as far as I know, she won’t be waiting one and a half year to tell her fans about her children. They are already planning for a baby and Emma has decided to share the good news with the public as soon as she gets pregnant.”

So, if we are to believe what the source has told us, then Booth and Lunar might soon announce the news of her pregnancy. She won’t be keeping it a secret like her wedding with husband. 

The tale bearer gave us limited information, so now we can only wait and hope to get the lovely news for the couple themselves pretty soon. 

The Underbelly star eloped with her longtime boyfriend, Dominick Lunar in Las Vegas about two years ago. She only revealed the news after 18 months of their wedding. This much in love couple married in a quick ceremony in A Little White Wedding Chapel.

“We decided to do it on our own and not really tell anyone,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

“We eloped to Vegas. He’s the most amazing man I’ve ever met.

“He is my best friend.”

Booth shared her wedding snaps on Instagram but refused to sell them to a gossip magazine, The Daily Telegraph reported. 

The actress, who once rocked the field of modeling, has now made her mark as an actor. She has appeared in several TV shows and movies. And with her heightening career, her net worth is also skyrocketing. 


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