Actress Emily Berrington, age 27, and boyfriend Ben Lloyd Huges thinking of takin gtheir dating relationship to the next level

January 14, 2016
First published on:January 14, 2016
by HitBerry

It has been two years since it first emerged that Emily Berrington is dating Ben Lloyd Huges.

And the couple has already taken their relationship to the next level, according to a new report.

Source claims that the model and actress, 27 has moved into the 28 year old British star’s home.

Emily and Ben are said to have been dating for several years and now they are going public with their romance.

An insider told us that that Emily and Ben have separate homes but are living together in a house  bought by them few months ago, adding that the couple are 'total homebodies'. 

Things are clearly very serious between Emily and her man, and a source told last week that they ‘in love’, and their feelings for each other are ‘very obvious to their close friends and family’.

It has also been reported that the duo are ready to do a sort of 'court marriage'.

"While Emily and boyfriend Ben have tried to keep their romance on the down-low to avoid headlines, they’re soon going to be ready to make it public. They plan to get married and start living as husband and wife in their newly bought house. She’s already like a member to Ben's family. ," shared a source.

A closest source reports that just last month, Berrington,height, 5.6 feet,stepped out in a disguise to meet her beau in London. It further added that Emily went to some pretty great risks at night just to see her man.

Reports claim that the hot actress, age 27 met fellow Brit actor Ben Lloyd-Hughes here years ago in the course of acting.

 Daily Mail site in an interview with the actress asked about her love life with Ben to which she replied-

"Ben is lovely and it does feel like a time where anything can happen for us both and everything is very exciting. But I think the good thing is that we both know that every time you have that feeling of, “Oh, my life has changed forever” it will only be a few months before you are back on the sofa in your pajamas eating crisps and worrying. "

She further added-

"We try to be philosophical about it, so when one of us gets a new job we don’t go mad celebrating. We are very supportive because we understand the business we are in and are therefore able to help each other stay grounded.’

Hats off to the lady for finding such a wonderful young man.

There had been rumors about the two being separated back in 2014.Eventually, Emma and Ben proved it wrong by moving in together and taking their relationships to new heights.

They are madly in love and are committed to it.

Best of luck pretty lady!!!

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