Actress Dilshad Vadsaria, age 30, getting pressure from her parents to choose a husband and get married??

February 13, 2016
First Published On: February 13, 2016
by HitBerry

Reports claim that the Pakistani turned American actress Dilshad Vadsaria has revealed that she is under pressure to choose a husband get married.

Sources claim that the actress has said that a few weeks ago her parents had in a subtle way hinted that it was time they wanted grandkids

'The sensational actress, age 30,points out that she has not yet found the right man to start a family  with.' says  source.

Our secret insider further revealed that the actress will determine her marriage when she finds the perfect match at the perfect moment.

Sources reveal, "The actress in an interview said that she has been accepting hints by her parents since few months. She further added that her parents want her to be settled as soon as possible and were searching perfect match for her. The actress revealed that she was also in search of prince charming of for her. "

Back in 2008, Dilshad was in relationship with Greek actor Jake McDorman   but misunderstandings prevailed between the two and eventually broke up after a year of relationship.

Recently her ex-boyfriend Jake is dating actress Analeigh Tiptone and they are committed to since one and half years.

But, Dilshad however, has no any relationship since seven years. She has been committed to her professional life and talks rarely on her personal matters.

The striking Muslim girl, Dilshad Vadsaria was born on September 14, 1985 at Karachi, Pakistan began her acting debut in the year 2006 and she is known preeminent for her character as “ Rebecca Logan” on sensation hit ABC family series, Greek and in the present year she is starring in the television series named Revenge.

Gorgeous Vadsaria never loses any opportunity and let go any challenge which comes across her. Turning through every sorts of the role, she also did a guest appearance in “Legend” which is in favor of NCIS episode and played a small but effective role in “The Dentist in the Ditch”.

The vivacious Dilshad,height 1.57m,finds irresistible on bikes and loves traveling to adventurous places. She is fond of pets and animals as she has the unusual blue cat named theophile.

She likes to try on with thrilling sports like skiing and horse riding. She was the student of biological science and completed this course from university of Delaware. Beside from her mother language and English she also knows French and gujarati language.

Dilshad is a talented actress with all the qualities which surely turns all heads around.  Her fan following is of great number. With so many roles and casts in movies and tv shows, Dilshad has become able to drag public's attention towards her.However ,her net worth earning is still unknown.

So guys, our wonderful actress, Dilshad is still available and is looking for a Prince Charming. And if she finds the one, we will soon get to hear wedding bells.