Actress Diana Hardcastle and husband Tom Wilkinson, married since 1988, want their children away from Hollywood?

January 8, 2016
First published on:January 8, 2016
by HitBerry

It seems that the glitz and glamour of Hollywood does not enter the house of ‘If Only’ star Diana Hardcastle. The actress herself is at the end of her career and she reportedly doesn’t want any of her children to follow the same career path as her.

The actress has had a successful acting career and she reportedly believes that her acting career has done her more bad than good. She believes that her popularity has come at the cost of her privacy and that the sanctity of her personal life has been compromised because of her popularity. She doesn’t want the same to happen to her children.

“She wants her children to do whatever they want to do and she is against the idea of making your children follow your footsteps. She thinks they should be allowed to pursue the career of their choice if it makes them happy. Happiness is the only thing she wants for her children”, a source close to the actress revealed.

Hardcastle married her husband Tom Wilkinson on the January of 1998. They have two children together. The close friends of the couple claim that the two are very happy with their marriage. It is being claimed that plenty of love and understanding exists between the two and they are supposedly unlikely to get a divorce.

Both of her daughters are in their mid-twenties right now. Even though the exact career path that they want to pursue is not known, it is for sure that they will not ever make any on screen appearance. It is being claimed that despite their age, the actress’s daughters still come to her for advice and she strongly advices them to pursue career in fields other than acting.

The actress’s first marriage was with Martin Campbell. But after discovering that they were ultimately incompatible, the actress parted way with him in 1986. Even though the exact reason behind the divorce is not known, it is believed that Campbell was having an extra-marital affair.

The British actress has been active as an actress since her teenage years.  She discovered her passion for acting when she was a high schooler at Whitney Grammar School. At young age, Hardcastle wanted to be a doctor and studied science in her A-level. But, after she was cast as the lead in the show Hedda Gabber, she dropped her ambition to be a doctor to pursue her acting career.

Her first major acting role was for the TV movie East Lynne in 1982. She continued acting in TV shows like That’s Love, First among Equals and Reilly: Ace of Spies throughout her career. But, she is best known for the performance she gave in movies like Best exotic Marigold Hotel and the 2015 sequel to the movie, The Second Exotic Marigold Hotel.

The actress doesn’t represent herself in any social media platforms.

Hardcastle’s net worth remains undisclosed at the moment. 


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