Actress Debra Feuer Divorced from Husband Mickey Rourke, What Was her Past Affairs and Relationships

Have you ever watched the movies including Moment by Moment, The Hollywood Knights, and To Live and Die in L.A. If you have watched them, you definitely know the actress of the following movies, Debra Feuer. Feurer was previously married to Mickey Rourke in 1981 but later ended their relationship with a divorce. 

Debera Feuer is an American former actress who currently works as a yoga teacher. After her divorce from Mickey, who is actress Feuer currently dating? Is she married or still single? If you wanna know her current relationship then stay with us!

Debra Feuer Divorced from Husband Mickey Rourke

In 1980, the duo met for the first time in New Orleans during the set of the film Hardcase. And soon after their first encounter, they started dating each other. In an interview, Mickey mentioned that she thought Mickey was mad because he often used to stare at her and then quickly look away. And when they met for the first time, Mickey was very shy.

She further mentioned that she used to feel Mickey like a shy child. However, Mickey proposed to Feurer after six months and after dating for a year, the duo decided to take their relationship to the next level and finally shared their vows in 1981.

[ CAPTION: Debra Feuer and Mickey Rourke on their wedding ][ SOURCE: Dailymirror ]

The couple even bought a beautiful mansion in the Hollywood Hills with stables for their polo ponies and further kept dalmatian, rottweiler, and German shepherd dogs. But their relationship didn't go well as Feurer filed a divorce in 1989 and was finalized the same year. 

She even told that, since their marriage, Feuer deeply judged the habit of her husband Mickey and knew more about Mickey and also learned several things from him from their 10 years relationship. Similarly, she told that Mickey remained faithful throughout their marriage.

[ CAPTION: Debra Feuer and Mickey Rourke ][ SOURCE: FamousFix ]

Furthermore, she also said that Mickey was the very thin-skinned, over-sensitive person whom she has ever met. Feurer revealed Mickey didn't use to drink but used to smoke but later, he was highly addicted to drugs. Likewise, after he came to fame, Mickey started drinking and doing coke.

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However, Feuer admitted even after their divorce, they are still close. And further mentioned that she is happy with Mickey's come back to the acting career as he recently starred in the movie The Wrestler. Furthermore, she hopes that her ex-husband is on the mend. 

Debra Feuer is married to Scott Fuller

After her divorce from her husband Mickey, Feuer tied the knot with her husband Scott Fuller. Scott is a musical artist who is a member of music groups including Abysmal Dawn and Havok. Similarly, Mickey also got married to his second wife, Carre Otis in 1992 but divorced later in 1998. 

[ CAPTION: Mickey Rourke and Carre Otis ][ SOURCE: Dailymail ]

Feuer and Scott have a daughter named Jessica Ruby who was born in 1998. Besides this, she hasn't revealed further information about her husband and daughter and often stays tight-lipped when asked. However, she currently works as a yoga teacher.