Actress Danielle Nicolet did not have sex with her husband Mike Kussman until they got married!!!

June 19, 2017
First Published On: February 23, 2016

Actress Danielle Nicolet is famous for her incredible role of Jenna in the series, Born Again Virgin. And Jenna is celibate, who tries her best to control her urge to have sex with her hot neighbor, Donovan played by R&B singer Tank.

Jenna is struggling hard to keep her urge to have sex despite being tempted by Donovan time and again. So why are we talking about Jenna? What does she have to do with Nicolet? Well, Jenna and Nicolet have everything to do with each other.

Danielle Nicolet did not have sex with Mike Kussman before marriage

Actually, the truth is, like Jenna, Nicolet was also celibate before she married her loving husband. Yes, people, it is true. You must be wondering, how we got hold of the information. Well, Nicolet herself revealed it.

Nicolet talked to ABC Radio about her character in the show. During the interview, this sexy starlet revealed how she held onto celibacy until she got hitched to Mike Kussman.

Talking about her character, she said:

“She's maybe been a little indiscriminate in her choices with men. So she decides to have a changeover in her life. She quits the magazine that she works for and decides to become celibate and write about it."

Stars of Born Again Virgin Stars of Born Again Virgin  Source: sqspcdn

And while in the interview, Nicolet stated that she could totally relate to Jenna as she was celibate herself before she married her husband.

"I went through a phase, before I met my husband, where I got out of like one bad relationship after another. And much like Jenna had this realization apparently I was super attracted to jacka****, like really good looking, really, really mean kind of idiotic jacka****. And I realized that maybe I needed to sort something out with myself," she explained.

During another such interview with, the hottie spilled further information her practice of celibacy before getting married. She also gave her valuable advice on dating and sex as well.

Danielle Nicolet Danielle Nicolet   Source: fabzz

Nicolet revealed that her character Jenna's journey is just like hers. She shared the experience of being in a really bad relationship with a horrible guy. That boy cheated and treated badly throughout the relationship.

She further added:

So as you can imagine, after that guy, I felt like I needed to take a little time and discover what it was about me that was attracting really bad guys. I realized that I had a type and that type was jacka****. Taking a break from sex enabled me to open my eyes, my mind and heart to a different type of man. I think taking that time really helped with opening me up to better relationships with sentimentally good men. I don’t know if these two are connected, but I met my husband. He was my next major relationship after that.

Danielle Nicolet Danielle Nicolet  Source: fazz

When asked what if she thought a sex is necessary for women who can’t seem to get it right when it comes to dating, she replied:

I don’t know if I think it’s necessary, but I certainly think it’s a journey a lot of us would benefit from. It’s almost like an emotional reset. I think women can’t help but be attached to those we’re having sex with in the way men don’t necessarily get attached to us.

“I think taking sex out of the equation really forces us to focus on other aspects of the relationships that are important, that are equally important to sex. A lot of times I think sex makes things really foggy and we put [sex] on top of the “important list” and everything else falls by the wayside until we’re deep into the relationship.”

Danielle Nicolet has appeared in several TV shows and movies including Central Intelligence alongside big time stars Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. She has an estimated net worth of $500,000.