Actress Coco Austin divorced Mike Williams and Married Ice-T again, Living happily with a baby

HitBerryPublished on   20 Dec, 2016Updated on   04 Jul, 2018

Do you guys know that actress Coco Austin divorced Mike Williams and married Ice-T? Well, if you don't, you have stopped by at the right place.


Today, we will let you guys know about their married life, their baby and everything you would want to know about the pair, alongside the relationship between Mike and Coco as well.

Austin Coco and Mike Williams

Austin Coco and Mike Williams started their married life in 1999. The couple spent their beautiful four years together. The conflict arose between the couple, and as a result, the couple parted in 2003.

The couple got married in 1999 and ended the marital relationship in 2003. Austin Coco married to his present husband Ice- T in January 2002.

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Austin Coco and Ice- T

As per the report, when Ice- T was asked about the first thing that attracted him towards Austin Coco, he openly said that it was her teeth. Rapper Ice- T first exclaimed that he was attracted towards her physical appearance but later described that he was eager to spend his life with the beautiful and sizzling hot actress Austin Coco.

Austin Coco and Ice- T got married in January 2002 and has been living together for about 15 years. This couple is believed to be one of the most stable couples in the Hollywood town.

Austin Coco and Ice- T tied the knot just after two months of their engagement. Ice- T first met Austin Coco in one of the movie shoots when Coco was working as a model in the movie.

After being introduced to each other for 2 months, the couple decided to change their status to 'married'. The couple has always maintained to be in the spotlight since the first day of their relationship. They have been sharing the memories of spending time together.

Austin Coco and Ice -T

Austin Coco and Ice -T Source: celebritybabyscoop

Austin Coco and Ice-Ts' daughter

Austin Coco and Ice- t gave birth to a baby girl in November 2015. The couple named the baby girl Chanel Nicole Marrow. The child has always been spotted in the limelight since her birth and her pictures have always been carefully documented on social media.

The couple with the baby girl is living happily and there is no sign of any quarrels, splits or any divorce news till the date.

Austin Coco and Ice-T with their daughter

Austin Coco and Ice-T with their daughter

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