Actress Claudia Karvan, age 43, shares why she never got married to her partner Jeremy Sparks

HitBerryPublished on   14 Feb, 2016Updated on   14 Feb, 2016

Claudia Karvan has been in a relationship with partner Jeremy Sparks. IT has been over 20 years but they have not gotten married yet. They also have two children- their daughter Audrey and their son Albie. She also has a step daughter from Sparks’ previous marriage to Leone Carman. Claudia met Jeremy when she was 22 and Valentine’s Day marks their anniversary each year.

Regarding the subject why they were never married, Claudia has stated that marriage is just a legal contract between two people. Though important, law is not everything. If they are soul mates, they don’t have to get married to prove it to others.

There are many people out there who think that they are meant to be with each other, they get married and after some mild discrepancies, they get divorced. Similarly, there are people around breaking up and finding another person faster than Eminem’s rap. Such cases are coming day by day which really makes the word ‘marriage’ taken for granted.

In many instances, Claudia was asked of this matter but she has not commented against it. She seems to fine with it and so is Jeremy. Their children, now 15 and 9 don’t have any problem as well. Both of them are supportive of each other and often seek each other’s help. They live together with their children, have fun together is which is more than enough to make them family. Husband and wife are just formal name given to them and their opinion is not exactly wrong.

Before dating Jeremy, there is no evidence of Claudia dating anyone and she hasn’t revealed anything either. She is a yoga practitioner and promotes it.

Claudia Karvan is one of Australia’s most recognized female celebrity with numerous acting credits to her name. She has even worked as a writer, producer and director. Throughout her career she has been nominated 14 times by Australian Film Institute.

Starting off her career at the age of 14 in the movie Molly (1987), her big role came just three years after in the Australian heist movie The Big Steal (1990)Throughout her career we can see that she has come a long way playing major roles in many movies.

She has also appeared in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005) as Sola Naberrie, and also in DVD version of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002). Some of her other noteworthy movie is the 1993 romantic drama The HeartBreak Kid. Her performance for this role won her Australian Film Critics Circle Award as Best Actress. Claudia has also appeared in few television shows like Puberty Blues, The Secret Life of Us, Love my Way and others

Claudia’s net worth has not yet been revealed but given her performance and fame, it must be in millions of dollars.