Actress Christine Lahti, age 65, and husband eager to re-enjoy married life now that all their children have moved out

December 22, 2015
First Published On: December 22, 2015
by HitBerry

Actress Christine Lahti, aged 65, is quite eager to re-enjoy her married life with her husband of 32 years, Thomas Schlamme now that all her children have settled down and moved out.

A source close to the Academy Award winning actress and her better half reported that the couple, who have been married for more than three decades, are all ready to begin the new phase of their happily married life. The insider claimed that they (Lahti and Schlamme) were thinking of going on a vacation as their kids are moving out.

“Christine and Thomas are both happy and sad that their kids are moving out of the house; Sad in a sense that the couple won’t be seeing the children very often, now that they will be joining college and living their own life. But they are happy that the three children, whom they always considered their source of happiness, are all grown up and independent enough to make their own decisions,” explained the informant.

They further added: “But you can’t just wish to be with your adult kids forever. That is why Christine and Thomas are happy that their kids are moving on with their own lives. The pair are now thinking of doing something new in their life.

“After 32 years of marriage, the lovely pair is about to begin a new chapter in their lives and they are all happy to do something new.”

When asked what sort of things the couple was planning to do in order to make their married life ‘more exciting’, the informant answered: “They might be going out of the country for a long and romantic vacation pretty soon. I am not sure when, but they will soon. They, most probably, are planning to go on their second honeymoon. They say it is “our way to mark the second phase of our married life’.”

The source close to the star and her television director husband spilled the beans on the husband and wife duo’s exciting plan. “They might renew their wedding vows if the time favors,” revealed the gossip monger.

They further added: “Both the husband and wife are free at the moment and they are thinking of walking down the aisle for the second time. But I am not sure about this news as nothing has been confirmed yet.”

So, it looks like the American actress and film director is ready to marry her husband for the second time and fly on a second honeymoon as well.

Lahti married Schlamme back in September 1983 and the couple has three children together. They live in Los Angeles. The hot and sexy actress is a contributing blogger at The Huffington Post. The Swing Shift star has appeared in several blockbusters and critically acclaimed movies and TV shows.

Lahti, who once rocked a bikini in her perfect physique of 5.10 feet, is not active on Instagram. Her net worth remains undisclosed.