Actress Christina Chong talks about joining the newest installation of Star Wars

December 23, 2015
First Published On: December 23, 2015
by HitBerry

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” released on 18th of December. The 7th installment to the Sci-Fi series collected $300 million dollars in US alone within few days of its release. It is expected that the movie’s global collection will be in excess of $1 billion. Our reporters talked to  Star Wars star ‘Christina Chong’ and the actress revealed what is like to be the part of the biggest, most successful franchise in movie history.

 “It was incredible to be involved. It is probably the biggest film in cinema history and to be part of that is amazing. People are very fond of it”, the actress replied when asked what she thought about her role in Star Wars.  

Chong added that she feels honored to be the part of the series. She said, “There are many people who would kill for an opportunity to play in Star War movies. I am very thankful that I got to do what many people can only dream of”.

The actress also admitted that she hadn’t watched any Star Wars movies until last year. She revealed that she watched the franchise only when she was auditioning for the role in movie. She stated, “I was busy doing my thing but got round to watching when I knew I was auditioning. I thought I was going to be watching this dated film but it’s brilliant and timeless. I absolutely loved it.”

Chong is of mixed ethnicity. Her mother is British while her father is of Chinese origin. She also revealed that it was her boyfriend’s idea that she audition for the movies. There are rumors that Chong is considering getting married to her present boyfriend and making him her husband.

Chong had humble beginnings to her life as an actress. She didn’t land a major role until she was 28 years old. She had only appeared in small TV shows up until then. Her breakthrough into Hollywood came through the British Comedy ‘Johnny English Reborn’. She is best known for her role in British Sci-Fi series ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘ 24: Live Another Day’.

Even a small role in Star War series guarantees worldwide popularity. The movie has almost a cult like following. Actors like Harrison Ford got main stream recognition through his role in the series.  Chong could be the latest addition to the list

The actress’ role in Star Wars already seems to have proven very beneficial her. There are speculations that her character will make appearance in coming installment of the franchise too.  After her appearance in the franchise, her popularity has increased rapidly. Her Twitter has reached 4k followers and the number is increasing daily.

It is believed that Chong received a handsome paycheck for her role in Star Wars. Her net worth remains undisclosed.