Actress Cheryl Ladd and ex-husband David, who were married back in the 70's, worried about daughter Jordan's love life

August 10, 2015
First published on:August 10, 2015
by HitBerry

According to inside sources, Actress and songwriter Cheryl Ladd and her ex husband David Ladd are deeply concerned about their daughter Jordan Ladd’s love life. The 64-year old revealed to close friends that her daughter’s love life has her and her ex husband really worried at times. Jordan Ladd, who is now nearly forty years old, is currently single and has remained single ever since her divorce with her ex husband Conor O Neil, in 2005.

Cheryl Ladd, who went through a similar divorce with David Ladd in 1980, says that going through a divorce is a really unpleasant. Her married life with David had lasted for 7 years, during which she gave birth to Jordan.

Jordan has been engaged in acting from an early age of two. She has appeared in quite a few T.V shows and films. Since then, she has been really active in this field. Despite her beautiful figure, Jordan has never dated anyone except Conor O-Neill.

Jordan Ladd started dating Conor O’Neill in 2000. He was a documentary film editor back then. As a couple, Jordan and O’Neill were inseparable. They were always seen together and they immediately married in 2001. Unfortunately their marriage did not last long. They faced the usual problems faced by the married couples and in 2005, they decided to get a divorce. Since then, Jordan has been perpetually single.

At 40 years of age, Jordan is still something to look at. She has an amazing body and a beautiful face. Still, she has not got any boyfriends yet. Her parents think that maybe it is about time to get a new relationship started. But she does not seem to have given it a thought yet.

The actress best known for her horror films lives alone now. She is entirely focused in her career. Her fans love to call her the ‘scream queen’. Standing 4 feet 11 inch tall, she is nothing like the horror films she plays in. Jordan currently has a net worth of 1 million dollar.

Jordan’s relationship with her father is very good. David Ladd really loves his daughter. They spend a lot of time together. David is also an actor and a producer. He started his career as an actor in the film The Big Land. Since then he has been acting in quite a few films. In the late 1970’s he started working in a production company founded by his brother in law, John Veitch. David has another daughter, Shane Ladd, from his other wife, actress Dey Young.

Jordan is currently busy, working on her film ‘Brentwood Strangler’. If she is dating anyone then she has made sure that nobody knows about it. She is not seen with anyone in particular. But we hope that she really finds someone special and suitable for her in the near future.

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