Actress Catherine Hicks and husband Kevin Yaghner very involved with their campaign for Child health

November 27, 2015
First published on:November 27, 2015
by HitBerry

Fans of the popular show 7th Heaven will clearly remember their darling Catherine Hicks. She was the soul of the show. Her character, Anne Camden, is one of the most loved TV characters of all time. Catherine was not only good hearted on screen but off screen as well. She is known for her various charitable works.

Her most important work from the various charitable activities she conducts is for children around the world, especially those in third world countries where 1 in 3 children are impoverished and face grave health crisis. Catherine is very outspoken about her child health policies and campaigns and has traveled the world to make people more aware of the situation at hand.

She frequently makes appearances and public announcements for carious child welfare organizations and spreads awareness. Her most notable and prioritized organization is the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU). She has been supporting the organization since the year 2010 and has held a number of events till date.

She has also been helping the World Health Organization’s Child health department to spread awareness among various African countries regarding child health and welfare. She has also taken a number of trips to Philippines and other countries with UNICEF to help children have a sustainable future in their conflicted environment.

Catherine is married to Kevin Yagher and they have been husband and wife for twenty-six years now. Just last year, they renewed their wedding vows to see them through the next twenty-five years. They were married on May 19th in 1990 and each year on May 19th, they go back to the coastal town they were married in to reminisces their old days.

They have a daughter named Caitlin who was born on 1992. She is currently pursuing a degree in performing arts from the Tisch School of performing arts in New York, the leading performing arts school in the world.

Catherine has had a very illustrious career spanning more than thirty years. She has, in her long career, been featured in over two dozen movies and over thirty TV shows and TV movies combined. She has had an everlasting impact on American home Television. In 2015, there was a popular documentary made on her career.

After all these years, she still is making TV movies and feature films. She has recently completed filming two TV movies which are set to premier during Christmas this year by leading TV networks in the US. The movies are titled “Win, Lose, or Love” and “A Christmas Reunion”.

Her most notable feature film has been the popular horror film “Child’s Play”. The character Chucky from the movie became an instant hit and a worldwide phenomenon. The character was designed by Catherine’s husband Kevin Yagher.

Catherine is one of the shorter actresses in Hollywood and stands at just 5 feet 3 Inches.

Catherine's net worth remains undisclosed. 


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