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Actress Cassie Scerbo, presumed single since 2011, might be dating again!! Rumors of new boyfriend...

August 10, 2015
First published on:August 10, 2015
by HitBerry

Cassandra Scerbie, also known as Cassie, after breaking up with Josh Bowman in 2011, has been presumed to be single for nearly four years now. It’s hard to believe that an actress as hot as Cassie is still single. But that may not be the case anymore. There have been rumors suggesting that she has been dating a secret boyfriend for some time. Even if it’s true it seems that she has not revealed about it and we can’t wait to find out more

Cassie's first love was Michael Copon. They started dating in 2006 and their relationship lasted for two years, after which she started another relationship with Cody Longo in 2009. The Make it or Break it star had a very healthy relationship with Longo. Some even called them a 'perfect couple'. Cassie often talked about how Longo surprised her by taking her to a beach and lighting candles in the shape of a heart on Valentine's Day. So, it was a major shock when their relationship ended in 2010 for unknown reasons.

Immediately after her breakup with Longo, Cassie got engaged to reality star Doug Reinhardt for a very short period of time. In 2011 she started dating actor Josh Bowman who worked with her in Make it or Break it. Their relationship also lasted unusually short. After breaking up with him that same year she has remained single. She has been asked several questions since her breakup. But, Cassie still seems to be still searching for the 'perfect man'.

Cassandra Lynn Scerbo was born on 30th March, 1990 in Long Island, New York. Her ancestors were originally Italian. Later, she was raised in Florida. As a child she was really athletic. She even played soccer for the Parkland Soccer Club. There has been no record of her finishing a high school but she definitely attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas Highschool.

Her formal career started when she auditioned for Music Girl group called Slumber Party Girls and was chosen as 1 out of 5 persons amongst 1000 candidates. This group hosted the Children’s TV music series Dance Revolution in 2006 which did not go as well as expected. Cassie has been active in various programs ever since.

Cassie is a multi talented person. Besides acting, she is also interested in music and songwriting. In 2006 she created an album titled 'Dance Revolution'. She has also acted in quite a few T.V series and movies. She started her movie career from the film Hitters Anonymous in 2005. After that, she worked in Television series like House Broken, Dance Revolution, Bring it On: In it to Win it and many more. Her role as Lauren Tanner in Make it or Break it was highly praised. Furthermore she also acted as Nova in Sharknado a sci-fi Television series. This show was an instantaneous hit. Her recent involvement is in the television movie Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! We wish her luck for this series and hope that it turns out to be a huge hit.

Cassie has nearly 17,900 followers in Twitter. She regularly tweets on this site. She is also a huge fan of Instagram. She has amassed 108,000 followers in it. She loves to post hot photos of herself. Currently she has not been officially spotted with anyone in particular but we still hope to see her with somebody in the near future. Perhaps, we’ll soon get a glimpse of her ‘mystery man’!!